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    I actually did 9, so its not that big of a deal
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    I usually dont have time to fill them out, but did this year with my early retirement. Aren't they giving away a vacation or sumthin? I heard its by random draw. Y haven't they notified me that I've won? :)
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    Yeah you might be right there. I just think some of those players are just so good you just can't guard them.
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    I'll give you that. These are the best bball players in the world! And that's exactly why they don 't need any extra help. Remember not long ago, I think it was Steph Curry, took 6 steps w/out dribbling the ball b4 the refs called traveling. Looked intentional to me, he was giving away a possession; just wanted to see how long it would take them to blow a whistle.
    When I was first starting to watch the NBA, I'd say to my friend, "Isn't that double dribble?" or "Isn't that traveling?" or "Isn't that palming?" The answer was always the same and always some mystical secret="Well, yeah, but this is the NBA."

    I saw Shaq O'Neil fly down the lane without dribbling, slam into a defender who was absolutely standing still and clearly had position, sent him sliding on his butt the length of the lane, his head hitting the upright structure holding the entire hoop and backboard. No call. The defender looked at the ref as if to say, "How can that not be a charge??" The zebra looked down at him and said, "Get up."
    From what I gather, Shaq must have played for 10 years b4 another "face of the league, Kobe Bryant", took over. Only after he entered the league, did O'Neil start getting charging calls. Why the favoritism?

    Offense. The league abuses the sanctity of the game, sacrificing defense go to put on an offensive show for "fans."
    The one that gets me the most [I assume it's still in effect, as I don't watch,] is when your opponent scores with under 30 seconds [?] left to play, and you call time out. Instead of having to inbound and bring the ball up the full lelngth of the court, you're allowed to inbound it all the way across half court and nearly 3/4 or the of the way down the court! WTF?? That's not basketball.
    The entirety of the NBA is contrary to the sportsmanship of fair competition. The NBA is repulsive to me!
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    I wont disagree one bit with the travelling, palming and carrying they're allowed to get away with. See below:

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    Other than "live" sports, does anyone watch ESPN?

    As for network TV, I still have a bunch of shows I watch, but via Hulu. I haven't watched live, non-sports TV since...well, a long time.
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    Are you kidding? Smart now has an NIT Championship!
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    Thanks for the backup!
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    I have been watching the NBA for some time. I started watching the Philadelphia Warriors when Paul Arizin was playing for them. My dad would take me to the Warrior games when I could barely walk. He had been going to the Villanova games to watch Paul A, who was a pioneer of the Jump Shot, as far as I know, the very first one......

    The golden years of the NBA lasted a long time from Bob Cousy's Celtics, thru Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain who played for the Warriors, then the Magic, Bird, Isaiah Thomas and Jordan years, then after Jordan things started to go downhill, a decline that hasn't stopped. It is now impossible to watch regular season pro ball at all. I can't even watch the playoffs until the conference finals and then the World Championship games. They are usually good and worth the watch. I did regular season SF Warrior games, two years or so ago, when Seth Currey was going on a shooting extravaganza, which was certainly something special The game is ridiculous now when the clothing style is as important as the game players bring on the court. Prima Donna Fashionistas prancing all over the place wearing the latest fashion rages.....


    It is interesting to watch the evolution of the jump shot from Paul Arizin up to now.....

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    Thanks for the very interesting post Duke! You are a true student of the game.It's too bad the game left you! [and the rest of us!]
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    I feel obligated to follow Duke's post with some more info, if there are youngsters on this forum interested in the history of the game [college.]
    b4 the jump shot, almost all shots were lay-ups or "set shots". "Google" set shots and scope out the funny form used to shoot it. This was a shot where, for the most part, neither the legs nor feet of the shooter left the floor.

    A pioneer who followed later in the NBA played for UCLA, named Lew Alcindor. He was from NY, but made the trip west to play for one of the all-time great coaches, John Wooden. He lead UCLA to 10 [?] consecutive Div. 1 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS!
    At 7'2", Alcindor developed an unblockable shot called the hook, or sometimes called the baby hook. Shot from his side, he stretched his long arm up in the air as far as he could and launched the ball with but the flick of his wrist with deadly accuracy. Not sure where he stands an on the all-time scoring list, but I think he's still top 10. Check out some videos of these topics if you are a student of the game. Hopefully, YouTube will have some.
    Ah, Duke, the good old days! Makes me young just thinking about it!
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    Kareem is still #1 in scoring all-time in the NBA. LeBron may catch him eventually.

    And, the shot was the sky hook. And the amazing part, was that he could shoot the hook shot up to 15 feet away with precision.

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    Thought I was watching Patick s highlite video.
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    The SkyHook is the most difficult shot to stop and when taken closer to the rim is almost a guaranteed made basket. You see variations of it at times today, but rarely. When the glass is used it is an extremely valuable weapon in one's arsenal.....
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