Alright - what do we know about Davidson?

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  1. okeefe4prez

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    Other than the fact that their season will be over come Friday?

    GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    They make fairly decent motorcycles and have dealerships coast to coast. Wait...this might not be the same Davidson.
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    Jon Miller ‏@HawkeyeNation 25s26 seconds ago

    40.7% of Davidson's points came from three pointers this year, 4th most in all of college hoops
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    Meaningless stat. Say you score 51 points a game and hit about 7 threes per game. That's about 40%. Big whoop, we will score 90 on those morons.
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    How many three point attempts will Ultrahoff block? I am guessing 3.
  6. mopkins

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    Very small team. Guard heavy. 2 of their top scorers are under 6 foot tall.

    2 RPI top 50 wins...VCU and Dayton. Lost to UNC on a neutral court by 18. Lost twice to VCU. Lost to RPI #182 St Joseph's.

    Shoot a metric f*ckton of 3's.
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    Nobody is shooting over the Sleetah. NOBODY!
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    Heavy guard play and shoot well behind the arc? That seems to be Iowa's achilles heel.....Oh well, new season...would love the "W" and a crack at the 'Zags
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    Thankfully Steph Curry has no more eligibility!!
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    Historically, yes, but not so much this year. How physical is Davidson?
  11. NEIChawk

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  12. Hawknick

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    Iowa is undefeated vs Davidson winning by 15 points per game.
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    Well I know a lot about Davidson, They comes second after Harley and The Players name you should fear with all your heart is Wide-Glide or Low- rider. Their fastest player is Sporter 1200 . He can slash or cut or dunk Hondas or Yamaha. Very tough team and they never bluffs.
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    Here's what I know about Davidson:

    The Davidson Wildcats are back in the tournament after making a seamless transition to the Atlantic 10, winning the conference regular-season title and turning heads across the country in the process. The hot-shooting Wildcats average 80.6 points per game, fourth in Division I this season. Bob McKillop's young squad could be primed for a potential deep run, but does it have what it takes to get to the second weekend?
    ESPN Insider has your answers, as Joe Lunardi has enlisted a team of Bracketologists to go deep on each team. Additionally, Joey Brackets will let you know how far he feels each team can go.
    [h=3]TOURNEY PROFILE[/h]Best wins: Dayton, at Rhode Island, VCU
    Worst losses: Saint Joseph's, St. Bonaventure

    Conference finish: 1st, Atlantic 10
    Polls and metrics: Davidson ranked in the top 30 of both the BPI and Ken Pomeroy rankings for most of the season and entered both top-25 polls for the first time this season on March 9.
    All-time tourney record: 8-13
    Coach's tourney record: Bob McKillop (3-7)
    Bracketology chart | BPI information
    [h=3]PERSONNEL[/h](Note: Player statistics are for the regular season only.)

    F Peyton Aldridge (9.6 PPG, 5.2 RPG)
    G Jordan Barham (11.7 PPG, 6.0 RPG)
    G Brian Sullivan (13.1 PPG, 3.9 APG)
    G Jack Gibbs (16.0 PPG, 4.8 APG)
    G Tyler Kalinoski (16.9 PPG, 4.2 APG)Key bench players
    F Oskar Michelsen (6.2 PPG, 1.9 RPG)
    F Nathan Ekwu (3.2 PPG, 3.3 RPG)
    C Andrew McAuliffe (2.8 PPG, 2.7 RPG)

    Biggest strength: The Wildcats are loaded with 3-point shooters, share the ball as well as anyone in the country and genuinely have fun playing together. Both A-10 player of the year Kalinoski and sniper Sullivan can score from anywhere on the floor, while point guard Gibbs bounced back from a slightly torn meniscus. Davidson hasn't missed a beat.
    Biggest weakness: The tallest player in Coach McKillop's lineup is Aldridge, a 6-foot-7 freshman. Points in the paint can and will be a serious issue against an opponent that has a large, athletic frontcourt. Davidson gave up 44 points down low against North Carolina in late November and sent the Tar Heels to the line 28 times, crafting a blueprint for how to beat the Wildcats.
    Best player: Kalinoski. At first glance, you look at his numbers and think he's just a 3-point threat. He's one of the most efficient offensive players in the country, has an excellent midrange game and rarely has a problem finishing at the rim. When he's on, Davidson is a tough, tough out.
    X factor: Gibbs. The sophomore point guard's impact since returning to the starting lineup is immeasurable. He's explosive off the dribble, lethal from the outside and always finds himself smiling. Gibbs has plenty to smile about. Davidson closed the regular season on a nine-game winning streak, six of those with him back in the lineup.
    [h=3]SCOUTING REPORT[/h]Offensive approach: The Wildcats move the ball efficiently around the perimeter, using dribble penetration from their guards to get frequent open looks and high-percentage shots. Each of their starters has had multiple 20-point games this season, which begs the question: Who exactly do you try to take away?
    Defensive approach: Davidson plays mostly man-to-man and will occasionally mix in some zone. The Wildcats don't do anything fancy other than use their quickness to extend opponents beyond the perimeter, making good 3-point looks hard to come by.
    How they beat you: The Wildcats have unwavering confidence and don't shy away from big moments. They have a knack for finding high-percentage shots, and their accuracy from the 3-point arc is downright scary -- so much so that they can turn a tie game into a blowout in a matter of minutes.
    How you beat them: Davidson's lack of size can be readily exploited, especially in the paint and on the offensive glass. Crafting a game plan focused on pounding the ball inside would be a good start.
    [h=3]WHAT THE NUMBERS SAY[/h](Note: All statistics in this section are courtesy of and are accurate through games of March 8.)
    Offensive efficiency, 6th (118.9)
    Defensive efficiency, 142nd (101.2)
    3-point percentage, 12th (39.7)
    3-point percentage D, 4th (28.7)
    Free throw rate, 340th (28.7)
    Free throw rate D, 143rd (35.4)
    TO percentage, 3rd (14.3)
    TO percentage D, 287th (19.1)

    Good stat: 14.3 turnover percentage
    The Wildcats rank third in this category nationally, which isn't surprising considering three of their starters have assist-to-turnover ratios of better than 2-to-1. They value every possession -- translating into one of the best offenses in the country.

    Bad stat: 19.1 turnover percentage D
    Davidson doesn't turn the ball over much, but it also doesn't force many turnovers. The Wildcats are one of the bottom 64 teams in this category, raising questions about whether they could actually come up with a takeaway if they absolutely had to do so.

    [h=3]HOW FAR WILL THEY GO?[/h]Best-case scenario: Sweet 16
    Davidson is peaking at the right time and seemingly has all the pieces in place to win a couple of games. Guard play is paramount in the tournament, and, luckily for the Wildcats, they have three of the best in the country in their starting lineup. Don't be shocked if they're still standing after the first weekend.

    Worst-case scenario: round of 32 exit
    The Wildcats have been far too consistent and enter the tournament on too much of a natural high to bow out in their first matchup. Whomever Davidson faces will have to play one of its best games of the season to take out the A-10 regular-season champs. That's not happening before the third round.

  15. uihawk82

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    Looking at the stats in that link I notice:

    1. They are almost dead even rebounding with their opponent. If they are smallish I like the hawks to rule the boards unless they get a bunch of crazy bounces from missed 3 ptrs.

    2. They make 17 assists per game vs opponents 13. So I would say they drive and dish or accept passes for jump shots to get all these assists. Hawks need to cut off drives and disrupt their passing lanes.

    And please, puleassseee, dont leave the 3 pt shooters to go help Gabe, Woody and White defend the lane. Those guys can defend the lane.

    3. Six steals a game, someone said they have a couple players under 6 foot and maybe they are very fast, quick hands, etc. Hawks bring your A+ passing and offensive game.

    4. They give up about 20 free throws a game and if the hawks can use their size and drives to the basket I would hope to see 30 free throw attempts.

    I think the hawks play pretty good 3 point arc defense when they dont try to play help defense down low but just stick with guarding their guy.

    5. They average 80 points a game so maybe the hawks can get into a good fast break game if that works.
  16. phdsvp

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    They're very, very good. They're one of the teams I didn't want to see in the first round. It'll be a great game, I think, and I'd say it's a pick-em for a result. That said, if Iowa can win, I LOVE our chances against Gonzaga. That's an ideal second-round game.
  17. uihawk82

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    Just watched a 3.5 minute youtube of davidson vs st louis and the davidson guys were gunning it and hitting all net. Clemmons, gesell, jok, oges and Uthoff need to stay on these guys.

    Some dribble drive, they arent afraid of the skip pass, saw multiple screens on the wings and passing to open guy at the sideline.
  18. atomicblue224

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    Thank guys for excellent infos about Davidson. Sorry I don't know much about Davidson . I apologized for making joke like that last post. Go Hawks and Go Lady Hawks! What a fun year to have sports in Iowa!
  19. atomicblue224

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    Davidson reminded me of Villanova some years ago , they were guard oriented that went deep in NCAA's. Let's go Hawks , bring your best game !
    I think in 2009, they defeated Pitts to go to Final Four.
  20. uihawk82

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    Sounds like the one post with all the bracketoligist data says that Davidson is almost a sure lock to win in game 1.

    Go Hawks.