Amazing team stats in Hawks win over Michigan

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by glidinghawk, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. glidinghawk

    glidinghawk Well-Known Member

    85 points, most scored against Michigan all year. And Michigan has played a very tough schedule.

    38 boards, 15 offensive rebounds. Out-rebounded Michigan by 9!

    22 assists, 7 turnovers!

    9 steals, 7 blocks!

    58.8% from three-point range!

    77.3% from the FT line!

    Loved this team effort today!
  2. 1hawkeye1

    1hawkeye1 Well-Known Member

    That is just a stunning performance.
  3. hawkdrummer1

    hawkdrummer1 Well-Known Member

    I think ESPN just said this is the most points given up by Michigan in something like 6 years. (don't remember the exact statement)
  4. ssckelley

    ssckelley Well-Known Member

    You can beat anybody if you make 58% from the arc.
  5. uihawk82

    uihawk82 Well-Known Member

    We all know what the hawks are capable of if they put a full game together and this is it beating a top 10 team by 20 and coasting the last 4 minutes.

    When they are shooting well, defending and rebounding like today, putting it all together they are tough.

    The hawks had a couple of scoring funks today but they were shorter and the defense got them out of it.

    Super all around game and the defense against a really good offensive team.
  6. jacknicholson

    jacknicholson Well-Known Member

    This is as good as if not the best in the Fran Era against a top ten team, no less.....

  7. atomicblue224

    atomicblue224 Well-Known Member

    Good Post!
  8. Hawknick

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  9. WindsorHawk

    WindsorHawk Well-Known Member

    We had 22 assists on 29 FGs. This is what we were doing earlier in the season. I like how we shared the ball. I think it had a lot to do with the overall good team stats offensively...made the extra pass on several occasions.
  10. MelroseHawkins

    MelroseHawkins Well-Known Member

    They were focussed yesterday, that's for sure.@
  11. jmesax

    jmesax Member

    Even McCabe played well which was great to see.
  12. JG10Hawk

    JG10Hawk Well-Known Member

    My favorites are the 7 turnovers and 22 assists. The team averages 11.9 TOs a game, that's like getting 5 more possessions with an attempt at a basket than the team usually does. Then throw in the A/TO and you have 3.14 on the game when the team averages 1.37. That's more than twice the average efficiency and more than a point better than Creighton's nation leading 1.82. Simply a very impressive display we saw yesterday!
  13. HawksMN

    HawksMN Well-Known Member

    Hats off. I was very much afeared of this game but the boys made me look silly....