An "effective" West title is till within our grasp

Discussion in 'Football' started by karras, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. karras

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    Badgers lose their next 2 games to finish 10-4
    Gophers lose their bowl game to finish 10-3
    Iowa wins their bowl game to finish 10-3

    Head to head competition with Minny gives Iowa the tie-breaker.

    VOILA!!! We are *****officially***** the best team in the B1G West !!!

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  2. Fryowa

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  3. ArvadaHawk

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    gary? are you looking for motivation to give kirk more money? i mean, a "bowl championship" victory and an "effective" west division title are pretty great.
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  4. Xerxes

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    Iowa is the most talented team in the West. So they at least can hang their hat on that honor. They were last year too. Unfortunately other coaches in the West have gotten more production out their talent than Iowa has.
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    We do rationalize a lot of things in the culture of today.
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    You may want to check the quality of your weed. I'm pretty sure it may be laced with moroniscene.
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    We are not the most talented team in the West, at least according to the last 5 years of recruiting rankings. Nebraska gets that honor, followed by Wisconsin I believe.