And now for something completely different... Kinnick update?

Discussion in 'Football' started by hawkdrummer1, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. hawkdrummer1

    hawkdrummer1 Well-Known Member

    Anybody down in IC have an updated pic of the North End Zone? Scoreboard complete?
  2. Fryowa

    Fryowa Well-Known Member

    Sounds like we're getting new turf too, I wouldn't mind seeing a webcam of that whole process.
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  3. bitmap

    bitmap Well-Known Member

    Herd the turf replacement will nix the Spring open practice....
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  4. Fryowa

    Fryowa Well-Known Member

  5. RobHowe

    RobHowe Administrator

    I haven't stopped to look inside the stadium but have driven by the north end zone a few times this week. I'll try to stop and take some photos and/or video when I'm over there next week for press conferences.
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  6. westender

    westender Well-Known Member

    We went to the last home wrestling meet which was a weekend they had recruits in and the stadium was all lit up with the 2017 Ohio State game playing on the big board in the south end zone. The north board was all in but was not turned on.
  7. Ree4

    Ree4 Well-Known Member

    Is the north end zone cam still up and running?
  8. Chickenlounge

    Chickenlounge Well-Known Member

    I looked yesterday and it seems to be dead.
  9. uihawk82

    uihawk82 Well-Known Member

    Is April around Spring Game time the only time the new turf replacement workers work during the year? This seems like a weird deal to have at that time or maybe a reason not to have a spring game
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