And some more husker wine

Discussion in 'Football' started by 4thngoal, Dec 17, 2018.

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    Did you point that out to them?
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    and their volleyball team choked against Stanford for the national championship the other day. What's funny, their volleyball season lasted longer than their football season!
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    I'm not paying money to post logical thinking, facts or teach the game to them.
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    LOL, hilarious thread! Complaining about Iowa's schedule in 2024. It's unfair!!

    Then another douche nozzle deducing that it is most likely a B1G conspiracy to keep Little Red and Frost down while propping up Iowa. That's the kind of thing I expect to see on cyclone fanatic. Too funny!!
  7. MelroseHawkins

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    Really, would it even matter? Those people have their 1985 blinders on and no interest of looking anywhere else!
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    Well, Cyclone fanatic is on the way to Nebraska.
  9. 4thngoal

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    My dad and grandpa used to read the paper and save the comics for last. :)
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    I used to read just the comics and sports sections... Wait I worded that wrong. I meant I still do.
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    Though complaining what the world of football will look like in 2024 seems ridiculous, I actually have a little bit of sympathy for the unevenness of the cross games. I kind of like how the ACC isn't scheduling their cross games until the winter before (basically leaving them as open conference games at home or on the road until the games are announced). Then the ACC is pooling teams into groups so that you have teams that had similar seasons last year playing each other in cross games. I suppose the downside to something like that is Illinois may never play Ohio St. or Wisconsin may never see Rutgers, but I can live with that for a system that gives more compelling games on a week to week basis.
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    What are they crying about? I thought they were the biggest badass team of all time. That schedule should be a piece of cake for them.
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  13. mopkins

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    I do enjoy a good conspiracy theory. 2025 is the last year of Ferentz's current contract. So in 2024 he gets Wisconsin, Nebraska and Iowa State at home, and crossover games vs Rutgers, Maryland and Indiana. Basically the softest schedule humanly possible.

    So Ferentz has a 10+ win 2024 and either rides off into the sunset or signs an extension until he's dead
  14. mopkins

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    in 2019 Nebraska gets Iowa, Wisconsin, Northwestern and Ohio State at home. Their 3 crossover games are Ohio State, indiana, and Maryland.

    So I'm not sure why they're crying about Iowa's soft 2024 schedule when their schedule is extra charmin soft next year
  15. ChosenChildren

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    They should base the division champions based on division records only (go to overall conference records only for tie-breaking purposes). Gary DiNardo has been pushing for this for quite some time. You could also then reduce the conference games to 8 (9 seems too many)

    This year, in the Western Division, the final divisional standings were as follows:

    N'wstern 6 0
    Wisc 4 2
    Iowa 3 3
    Purdue 3 3
    Neb 2 4
    MN 2 4
    IL 1 5

    The problem with the current system is that teams from the West play different teams from the East from year to year.
  16. guffus

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    Name one single case where the division champion would have been different if they only counted division games instead of all conference games. I can not think of a single case.
  17. EstronHawkKing

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    and Miss Nebraska who won the Miss USA pageant, lost the Miss Universe pageant!! As a matter of fact, she didn't even finish in the top 3. Way to go Nebraska!!
  18. HawkeyeDenis

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    Nebraska can whine and complain about Iowa's 2024 schedule all they want. They are riding a 4 game losing streak against Iowa today!
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    But, but, but they won National Championships before any current recruits were born.
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    The Big 10 hasnt been playing an even slate of games for all teams since for ever. I dont think there were ever 9 big ten games in a season for all teams to play. IIRC the 1981 season Iowa and some others may have played one less conf game than some other teams.