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    I like what I see from this kid so far. He reminds me so much of Adam Woodbury but seems to have a little better offensive skill set and a little more bounce in his step.
    I only live 15 minutes from his school in Wasceca, so maybe I can get over there and see if I can sit in on a couple of practices. Who knows, maybe I can get some comments from him or his coach.
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    If you can get an interview with him, I'd compensate you. If you shoot action video, I'd kick in more. If you have him all me, I'd give you a bird dog fee. I'm only half joking. ;)
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    I’ll give it a shot. It’s been a long time since I did an interview. High school journalism class to be honest, but I still remember about the 5 W’s. In addition, I’ve got 4 years of Harvard English under my belt, so I should be okay. No compensation needed, I’m happy to do it.
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    Good job San get him to iowa.
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    I only remember the 5 B's from college
    Busch Light
    Bud Light
    Brau Meister
    Black Label

    Don't laugh about Brau Meister. That's what the FieldHouse served on 50 cent Cup Night every Wednesday. Stacy Elliott, oh you bandanna wearing babe, if you're out there, I remember, I remember, I remember....

    Carlings Black Label was about the cheapest thing you could get at John's Grocery, even cheaper than Dubuque Star. As the famous saying goes, you get what you pay for, but we were dirt poor college students making forty dollars a week if we had jobs at all.
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    Where the times go? I feel so old! Don't forget [​IMG]
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    Not bagging on the kid, because McCaffery has a better nose for talent than most, but he has the weakest set of offers of any of the big guys that have been offered by Iowa. So many of these kids are unrated due to the virus cancelling so many summer events, it's hard to get a decent idea of their relative worth (at least according to the rating services).
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    I bet you still have those moves Atomic. I loved Soul Train
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