Another '18 QB Offer

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by RobHowe, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. RobHowe

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    Spencer Petras, 6-5, 215, Pro-Style QB from Kentfield (CA) Marin Catholic.

    He told me O'Keefe visited him yesterday and offered today. He's committed to Oregon State and has been quoted as saying he likes the hire of new Beavers coach Jonathan Smith, an alum of the school.

    Petras told me he still is committed to Oregon State but as of now is planning to visit Iowa.
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  2. thetrza

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    Nothing says Hawkeye fan base and recruiting country quite like Marin County California!
  3. spliff45

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    I wonder if Boyle and/or Wiegers leaves
  4. Joshbrown

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    1st off glad to hear KF is poaching. That's what he should be doing right now. Considering the number of P5 teams reeling more than Iowa I hope we poach 3 or 4 P5 kids this recruiting cycle.
  5. ArvadaHawk

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    I found his SO hudl highlights. This kid has a really good touch on the medium-long to deep pass; really drops the ball in the bucket well. Not the strongest of arms but not weakest. Same size as Stanley but not as strong of an arm (didn't find JR/SR hudl so that could be different by now). If we were to get this kid in '18, I think it'd be somewhat of a coup and it would go a really long way towards a soft landing if we miss on Max Duggan; which seems more likely, now.
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    Can he punt?
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    Rev, check out zach wilsons highlights! LOL!
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    I don't know what kind of chance we really have with this kid, but I really like his video. This kid has a command and a presence about him. he throws a good deep ball and is accurate, deep. He has a quick release, but throws a little high when trying to strong-arm a throw, but isn't wildly inaccurate. He's athletic and seems to be able to see the field very well. looks like he does go through some progressions as a high schooler. that's a plus.

    Rob, have you had a chance to speak w/this kid? is he even going to visit? When is football early signing period; 12/15?
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    He hasn't responded. Often when kids are committed to a school but looking around, they stay away from interviews as much as possible.

    The early signing period for high school seniors is actually on one day and it's Dec. 20. JUCO signing period runs Dec. 20-Jan. 15.
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    thx rob.
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    I stand corrected on the early signing period. It's Dec. 20-22 for the HS seniors. So, three days.