Another bad non-call by the NFL officials

Discussion in 'Professional Sports' started by uihawk82, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. uihawk82

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    Forty seconds left ball at 49ers 47, 49ers ahead 27-23 so they have the spread beat. Eli drops back and big rush forces him to take one step to the right but he is still inside the tackle box. He dumps the ball at the LOS at the feet of his linemen but there is no receiver within 20 yards of the ball. No call, no penalty , not even a discussion. Now I am not a fan of either team, I didnt have a bet on the game, and I didnt even know what the spread was.

    Then a quick incompletion but a 20 yard screen pass, then a PI flag on the Niners and TD Giants to win it 30-27.

    i watch a fair amount of NFL football and the refs are usually pretty good and even diligent at calling the intentional grounding call or at least the officials discuss it. Pretty lame officiating job for a billion dollar industry and all the betting that takes place.
  2. imported_ankle23

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    looked to be outside that tackle box to me - and, the ball batted down by a defensive lineman. looked like a good no call to me. not a fan of either team.
  3. uihawk82

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    I didnt notice the dee lineman bat the ball, thanks for explanation; i was looking for a running back.
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    He threw it at Vereen as he was falling down. Between falling and the ball having to go through a D-lineman I can see how you thought it looked like grounding. I thought so as well until I saw the replay.