Another early stat about our poor shooting team

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by golfingwags, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. golfingwags

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    Marble is actually shooting 44% so far this year, shot 43% last year.

    White is shooting 51% compared to 50% last year (including 0-8 so far this year from 3)

    McCabe is down 12% to 37% (but up 9% shooting 3's to 53%)

    Basabe/Oglesby are the 2 other big declines, down 12% and 17% respectively.

    This shows that Marble/White are really carrying the load right now and unless 3 of our rotation guys have really regressed we should see improvement over time from McCabe/Basabe/Oglesby based on history.
  2. GhostofBTT

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    The thing that worries me is that the competition level is about to increase. All autumn long, we've been hearing about all of this great chemistry on the team, and guys competing in practice for their minutes, and then we get into competition, and it seems like half the guys have no idea what's going on, and the other half seem to sleepwalk through portions of the game.

    This team's lack of focus is evident when they step to the free throw line.
  3. wundergrape

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    ...but yet we're finding ways to win. Look, I'm not saying we have a bunch of Carmelo Anthony's out there - points are going to be at a premium - but we do have some shooters (Gesell, Oglesby, McCabe, Clemmons, Marble), and we've got some garbage men (White, Basabe, McCabe, Woodbury)...and none of whom seem to be on their game. If we're winning tough games without focus, and without rhythm, I actually think that bodes pretty well for this team.

    Also, I disagree that 'half the guys have no idea what's going on.' I think this team is a reasonably-oiled machine. Shots just aren't falling, and people aren't playing with confidence.

    Playing below your ability in November and winning like we are is not a problem. It's when you're playing AT your ability level in November and winning like we are that you have a problem.
  4. GhostofBTT

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    As I read this, it struck me that if you made the same case for the problems we're facing on the football board, you'd be mercilessly ridiculed...

    Sorry Grapie, but scoring 18 points in the first half against Gardner-Webb is not a sign of "a reasonably well-oiled machine". That is a sign of a team that was straight up not prepared to play that game, and needed their ***** kicked at halftime to make it happen.

    Kind of reminds me of the Iowa-Purdue football game, but with a different result.
  5. redhawk55

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    last nights game may have woke them up to not take anybody for granted and you have to play for 40 minutes. we will see how they respond in the next 4 games
  6. wundergrape

    wundergrape Well-Known Member

    ...except I would never make these arguments on the football board, for a number of reasons: 1. Football is on a downward trajectory over the course of the last three seasons; basketball isn't. 2. Football's player development and recruiting has been subpar; basketball's hasn't. 3. Football just switched coordinators to a failure and a rookie; basketball's assistants are consistent and proven. 4. Our football team has been losing to poor teams; basketball hasn't.

    Actually, you know what? This comparison is so numbingly inappropriate, it's pointless for me (and the reader) to continue. It's like you're telling me that the review of Tavern on the Green I posted on would be laughed at when applied to McDonalds. "Well no ****," would be my response...Mcdonalds's Duck Confit blows.

    And, let me point out that Fran specifically stated that no "***** were kicked at halftime." He "didn't speak to them any louder than I'm speaking to you right now. I said, This is what we need to. We broke it down on offense; we broke it down on defense; we broke down the press, personnel, and let's go do it." ...and they went out and did it.

    That isn't what guys who "have no idea what's going on" do, Ghost.
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  7. wundergrape

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    ...and if you're going to quote me, quote me. I wrote "reasonably-oiled machine." Semantics is everything in the written world, Ghostie.
  8. UncleHawk

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    The first half was a sign of getting on the plane soon to Cancun. Fran took care of it at half and without an ***-kicking. Kirk didn't.
  9. MisterLucky

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    I'm beginning to think that maybe this is a team that plays to their opponents level, despite the fact that we are winning by an average of 21 points. The fact that we can turn it on when we need to is a nice change from previous years.
  10. GhostofBTT

    GhostofBTT Banned

    I started this, but you lost me really quickly. Find a point and stick with it.
  11. wundergrape

    wundergrape Well-Known Member

    I read my post over again, and everything made sense, Ghost. If you don't know what Tavern on the Green is, or that the basketball team has a lot of room to grow, that's on you, not me.
  12. GhostofBTT

    GhostofBTT Banned

    I guess. I don't know what you're referring to.

    I think the problem is, that while you and I disagree, ultimately, you're boring and I don't like talking to you.
  13. hawkfan33

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    Ghost still has residual butt hurt over Iowa winning last night, probably shouldn't waste your time trying to debate this with him.
  14. wundergrape

    wundergrape Well-Known Member

    Ha! Fair enough. Don't forget to take your ball home with you.
  15. GhostofBTT

    GhostofBTT Banned

    Don't worry, once we lose, I'll just be gloating over alla y'all!

  16. hawkfan33

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    Oh I know and you'll probably have your chance pretty soon.
  17. wundergrape

    wundergrape Well-Known Member

    Oh, we're going to lose. Probably quite a bit. I predicted us going 20-14 this year. I'm just saying the fact that we're playing poorly and winning can be construed as a good thing at best, an irrelevant thing at worst, and a negative thing not at all.
  18. BasketballMan

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    Just curious Ghost. Do you honestly have a clue how indeed we prepared for Garner-Webb given the quick turnaround from Thursday? Or, do you honestly have a clue what was said (and how it was said) at halftime by the coaching staff and in particular Fran?

    We're 4-0 right now. How about taking it for what it's worth? Last year I seem to remember a team named Campbell who came into Carver and beat us to a pulp that shouldnt have. Last night, that could have happened again but it didnt. We showed some serious character, resolve, and determination (not to mention talent) to pull off the improbable win after a horrid first half.

    How about giving some credit where credit is due for once?
  19. GhostofBTT

    GhostofBTT Banned

    The fact that we're playing poorly (your words, not mine [semantix r important amirite?]) is, in fact, a negative thing.
  20. Cover3

    Cover3 Well-Known Member

    Yep. Excited to see if we start the Western KY game with the same energy we saw in the second half against G-W.