Another poor shooting team cascades to many problems

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by uihawk82, Dec 12, 2014.

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    Just like the last two years if this team cant shoot it wont win.

    Some teams can overcome bad shooting because they are so good defensively and rebounding.

    Iowa being the #7 team defensively in FG% is sort of a joke when you look at the last 6 teams we played.

    When this team shoots poorly they have to crash the boards because they dont have two guys who can get offensive rebounds. Crashing the boards cascades to giving up easy fast breaks by the opponent.

    When the hawks cant shoot from outside the other team packs it in, the hawks force it and there come the turnovers and more fast break points against them.

    So Fran needs to get Uthoff shooting and get Jok a lot more minutes and see if Jok can just get hot.

    Gesell and Clemmons with Jok at the guards, rotate Uthoff, Uhl and white, and then rotate White and Gabe, That is 8 players.

    You are going to win or lose with how well mainly gesell, uthoff, Jok and white shoot and play.

    It could be a long BBall winter.