Another QB?

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    He's better than Edelman, but the coaches are stupid. Edelman was a 3 star QB, while Martin was a 4 star WR, meaning Martin is better.
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    Spencer Petras is the next Iowa QB. Practice reports say he's probably got the most arm talent of anyone Iowa has ever had, and the coaches think highly enough of him to have him jump a 3rd year player in Mansell.

    Mansell himself is no slouch. The coaches had enough trust in him to put a trick play package in last season (one that admittedly didn't go very well).

    KOK loves Padilla, who seems to have great grasp of the offense for a freshman.

    Hogan is a highly regarded prospect with a gunslinger attitude.

    Iowa is pretty well-off at QB, and it's not like our track record is bad, since after the upcoming draft, 4 of our last 5 starters will have been drafted. Iowa does not need (nor want IMO) Felipe Franks.
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    Exactly what I was thinking. All it took was watching him during the Miami game to know he wouldn't fit here. Granted he would be a great fit football wise.
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    Fitz should go after Franks. The Cats need a QB.
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    Somebody has to be 5th on his list of possibilities I guess. We have a QB graduating with little experience coming up so with only that being said I see why someone on the outside would throw Iowa at him as a place to look. But I can't see him being a KF kind of QB I just don't... I think we are in good shape QB wise. Petras may have some growing pains to start with but I think he'll be plenty good once he's the man all through spring ball and camp leading up to the season.
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    You think they are giving up on that 5 star kid Johnson already? How hurt was/is he? And to think they thought he was their one missing piece to having a monster year. This season really got away from them was kinda weird to see.
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    They had a massive amount of injuries in their entire offense (not just QB) that contributed to their demise this year. Think the Iowa RB situation in 2004, except at QB, RB, and to a lesser extent WR. Johnson was also dealing with some personal stuff (his mother was diagnosed with cancer early in the season and for a while Fitz actually "took football off his plate" while Johnson dealt with that) that didn't help his situation.

    What will be interesting for them is who they bring in for the new OC and how/if they can get Johnson up to speed in the new offense. I think without a doubt he has the most raw talent in the QB room...they did win their last game against Illinois with Marty (their 4th QB used this year), but I don't think he'll hold up an entire season with as much running with him as they did during that game (I think Marty finished with 30 carries, partially driven by weather during game).
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    Never gets old!
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    I don't know for sure, but I'm betting his GPA isn't high enough for Northwestern.
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    Of course the Cyclone fan wants Iowa to get this guy. I guarantee you Ferentz isn't looking at him though.
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    Doubt he has the grades to qualify for even the most slacker majors at NW.
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    It was his first snaps and they were only a few meaningless end of game stats.

    Hardly grade worthy
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    Olive Martin can be his "host."
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    Also, he was running with the 2nd/3rd string O.
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    Brandon Smith, Tracey, LaPorta, ISM
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    Too many cousinbreeders?
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    At least two of those guys will be neutralized if an inexperienced QB can’t get the ball to them. Why will our QB be inexperienced? Because of the extreme control freak conservative offense we run that prohibits running scores up to the point where our backup QB can come in and gets some good reps in. Once upon a time Iowa had an offensive minded coach who would pummel the non-conference portion of our schedule so backups on both sides of the ball (including QBs) could come in and play the entire fourth quarter of a game.

    There is absolutely no excuse given our facilities (top forty for sure) our coaches pay (top twenty-five (at worst), fans support (elite status and extremely devout) should EVER be below a top forty offense. Just a top forty offense and Wisconsin would be our bitch*s again like they were under Hayden Fry. Our offense has cost us the west division title every year except 2015 and that may have been due to our defense that year too.
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    See comment above
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    11 in a row. Am I the first thing you think of when you get out of bed? Because I'd appreciate that.

    Let's see if we can hit 20 this time.

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