Antwaan Randle-El regrets playing football due to health issues

Discussion in 'General College Football' started by spliff45, Jan 19, 2016.

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    I read that on another website. Wow, tough for him and many others.

    Some scientific logic would indicate that some people are more prone to CTE, I think it is called, than other people. If everyone was equally prone to have this damage to the brain you would think that more of those players from the 60s to the 90's would show symptoms. Maybe they do, maybe it is highly unreported or many stricken with the damage dont let people know about it. Mike Webster of the 1970's Steelers is one of the main poster players for CTE and I wonder how many of his offensive linemen teammates have this problem.

    But I hope one the researchers can find indicators to show which people are much more prone to future damage. I mean over the years you would think Randle El would have taken far fewer head blows than offensive and defensive linemen and linebackers who are flying into the hole and meeting running backs from several yards away.
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    On a completely unrelated subject......Did the movie 'Concussion' flop at the box office? If it did, remember when Will Smith was box office gold.
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    Good point but you have to remember he was a punt returner his entire career and also returned kickoffs during his time with Pittsburgh. I believe he had close to 400 career punt returns which is a lot. The all time record is held by Brian Mitchell and he had 463 over his career. Those collisions are the most violent in football. Also factor in that he was a slot WR who works the middle of the field and that adds up to a lot of head shots.
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    I guarantee they do. Not all of them, but I guarantee there are way more Mike Websters out there that went undiagnosed because no one was curious enough too check under the hood. Hell, Webster only got diagnosed because the ME was fascinated by how an otherwise healthy man with what appeared to be a normal brain went mad.
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    You seem pretty passionate about this. Do you want football to go away? Is there a personal story behind all this passion? Maybe I am reaching, but i am assuming you do not have any kids, you do not have any sons. So you don't even have to have that conversation or even make that call. I don't know, you don't seem to be part of the ''football is barbaric lets get rid of it" crowd.
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    I need to double check, but I believe he made 20 mil in his career. There was no guarantee he would have made that playing baseball and he definitely wouldn't have made that playing basketball. He made generational type money, his kids will have all the options in the world, ehhhh it comes down to whether it is worth or not.
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    There's more and more players the last few years starting to speak out about head and neck injuries they have since retiring.