Are Wirfs, Jackson, Epenesa NFL Ready?

Discussion in 'Football' started by eyekwah, Oct 20, 2019.

  1. NikeHawk21

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    A wildcard would be incoming freshman Tyler Elsbury at guard. Hearing some really good things about him and he has the size (6’5.5 / 292). Tested really well athletically at camps this summer.
  2. Gibsonian

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    I haven't seen any line play on either side of the ball for Iowa that looked impressive. Capable, steady on D, not capable, not steady on O. It's all meh to me. Wish it were different but it's gonna land us smack dab in the middle of the Big Ten again, whoop dee doo.
  3. NEIChawk

    NEIChawk Well-Known Member

    I do too....disguise a safety or LB to come around or inside that...if the Q steps up boom, or tries to get outside boom..
  4. RobHowe

    RobHowe Administrator

    All three will be off to the NFL after this season. Probably best to come to terms with that now.
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  5. #1DieHardHawk

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    I thought about him too, but hard to see him jumping the three guys with a lot of experience.

    Knowing the coaching staff, it likely will be Banwart's job to lose. I personally don't think he's that effective, but, we all know how Kirk feels about those developed seniors.
  6. NikeHawk21

    NikeHawk21 Well-Known Member

    Stone is the one I’m starting to wonder about. I don’t think he’d be a super high pick just based on measurables, but he doesn’t have a whole lot to prove at the college level at this point. Maybe he says time to go make some money even if it’s in the later rounds.
  7. uihawk82

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    Are you actually implying that Parker might bring a two man blitz??? Sort of kidding but on 2nd and 3rd and long if eppy takes the tackle and another chip blocker on a loop rush to the outside then a fast blitzer could come in the open gap inside to hurry or sack the passer.

    Phil P may need to use Eppy to set up other blitzes.
  8. Caddy

    Caddy Well-Known Member

    Epenesa is not double teamed as much as people think he is. Does he get double teamed? Yes, but what great player doesn't? They still find a way to dominate. I don't think he is ready for the NFL. He needs to add some upper body strength, as his only move it to rush around the lineman, which is what the lineman wants him to do as it often takes him clear out of plays because the qb just steps up in the pocket. As far as setting the edge on running plays, well he isn't so good at that. I don't see him as improving his draft stock with the kind of year he is having.
  9. Caddy

    Caddy Well-Known Member

    Measurables? His measurables are not good for an NFL safety. Not fast/quick enough either.
  10. BVHawk95

    BVHawk95 Well-Known Member

    Chase Young still gets his because OSU has a bajillion other 4 and 5 star guys you have to worry about. Our DL is solid, but not that stacked.
  11. eveningnewsteam

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    Size yes. He’s not ready to pass protect in the Big Ten. His HS team never throws and the camps I’ve been to he’s really struggled in pass pro.
  12. NikeHawk21

    NikeHawk21 Well-Known Member

    Ya that’s what I said in my post moron.
  13. NikeHawk21

    NikeHawk21 Well-Known Member

    I figured someone would make that argument, and while it’s partially valid at a certain point you just can’t argue production.

    As with most things the answer is somewhere in the middle. Yes teams are scheming for AJE, but I think he’d be the first to admit he hasn’t played his best football.
  14. Northside Hawk

    Northside Hawk Well-Known Member

    Geno is making a strong case for it too. If we could get healthy on that back end Geno could be a cash, in my opinion, and maybe get Merriweather back on the field at Stone's current safety spot.

    Maybe work on it during the bye and roll it out for Wisconsin?

    Colbert is really coming on strong as a true sophomore. He may be blazing his own early entry path for 2021 draft. I like the true freshman Jack Campbell as he gets more reps.

    Where was Niemann yesterday? Did I miss him or was he out. We could be starting to get banged up at LB now.
  15. Northside Hawk

    Northside Hawk Well-Known Member

    The dude can hit. I don't care what his measurables are. He could at the very least carve out a niche as an NFL special teams player, like Alex Erickson has, based off his immeasurables.
  16. NikeHawk21

    NikeHawk21 Well-Known Member

    The reason it made sense to move Hooker is because we had Stone. I don’t think we have that guy behind him and I think it would be fairly stupid to move Stone anywhere. He’s our defensive MVP this year at safety.
  17. Grady

    Grady Well-Known Member

    I'm sick and tired of hearing about how much weight O-linemen can lift in the off-season. As NB coach Frost shared at his post-MN beatdown, how much weight you can lift does not necessarily translate to the football field: "I don't really understand it, I've seen the weight our guys are pulling in the weight room and they shouldn't be getting pushed around like they are." I want linemen -- and a rushing game blocking scheme -- that pushes guys BACKWARDS, not side-to-side. Pull, copy Wisconsin's schemes, do what you have to do, but the Iowa's rushing game needs a top-to-bottom complete makeover.
  18. The Big LeHAWKski

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    Of all the crazy things I've read on this site, this might just be the #1 most ignorant comment I've ever read.
    Seriously, do you even understand football?
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  19. Northside Hawk

    Northside Hawk Well-Known Member

    We also had Gervase to patrol center field. His absence may be a reason why our INT's are down.

    I like Merriweather and would like to see him back on the field while realizing there is a big difference in assignments for the two safety positions. Stone is going to produce no matter where you put him. Koerner may have earned his "union card" with his play in the Iowa State game and the coaches are keeping him in there.

    Losing Brandon Snyder was a clear addition by subtraction. He was a Kirk favorite, had the union card, and you know he would have been out there last year. That would have affected both Hooker and Stone.
  20. Bordone

    Bordone Well-Known Member

    Those three are gone, as are our two starting wide receivers. Not saying they are first round talent but in this day and age no reason for them to play another year of college ball. Can only hurt their stock.