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    The transfer portal has been very busy. I'll start out with Maryland. Starters Charles, Jones and Watson are graduating along with 1 other senior. That's a lot to lose in one season but to compound the issue Sophomore starter Shakira Austin 6ft. 5 P and another Sophmore P Olivia Owens have both entered the portal. Maryland seems to have a lot of trouble with players transferring out of the program. Brenda Freese is a heck of a recruiter but she cant seem to keep them. Just about all her players she recruits are McDonald All Americans or in the top 50 or 60 in the nation. I'm hoping the Hawks can stick another thorn in those turtles again this coming season. Assistant Coach Shay Robinson has taken an AC job at Ole Miss. Another portal entrant is Taylor Mikesell! This is getting serious for coach Brenda F. :) All five starters and a back up post player GONE!

    Penn State has lost Alisia Smith who was a 6ft. 3 Junior F to the portal. Jayla James 6ft.1 FR. W has transfeered to Michigan St. Lauren Ebo 6ft 4 sophomore F is transferring to Texas. Myra Bembry 6ft 1 Freshman W has transferred. Kamaria McDaniel has transferred to Baylor. That is a huge blow to PSU!

    Rutgers Maori Davenport 6ft.4 Freshman P has entered the portal. Maori was a top 15 ranked player in 2019. Sophomore PG Alexis Morris is moving on. Noga Peleg Pelc 5ft. 7 Soph. G is transferring.

    Illinois has lost Junior Petra Holesinska. Petra is transferring to North Carolina.

    Ohio State has lost a big time player in Kierstan Bell. Bell a 6ft 1 freshman guard ranked number 8 in the nation for 2019. Assistant Coach and the recruiting coordinator for the last 4 years has been named HC at Omaha. Kaelynn Satterfield a 6ft. Freshman W has transferred and Aixa Wone Aranaz 6ft.3 Freshman F has also transferred. OSU has lost yet another. J. Crooms has announced on social media that she intends to leave. This is another huge hit for OSU.

    Nebraska lost starters Whittish and Eliely plus 2 others to graduation. Sophomore PF Ashtyn Veerbeek has transferred to Dordt. That is a NAIA college in Iowa. Kayla Mershon has transferred to Minnesota. The big shocker for the fuskers is Leigha Brown has transferred to Michigan. Leigha Brown sophomore W player and was the B1G Sixth Player of the Year recipient this season. That is a huge pick up for Michigan. The fuskers are in a world of hurt.

    Indiana has lost 6ft. freshman W player in Jorie Allen. Jorie was a former Ms. Indiana Basketball and a 5* recruit in 2019. Jorie was a major contributor for Indiana this season. The portal is busy.

    Michigan State has lost 2 in the portal. Sophomore C Kayla Belles has transferred to BYU. Kayla was going to be a very good player for MSU.

    Wisconsin has lost 2 players. Courtney Fredrickson and Niya Beverly. Diamond Brag 5ft. Soph. G has transferred.

    Minnesota lost 2 players during the season. Destiny Pitts and one other

    Michigan had a mid season transfer. Ariel Young 6ft. 1 Soph. G.

    Iowa and Northwestern are the only teams in the B1G without a transfer.
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    That is a lot of movement!
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    That's just the ones leaving. There's quite a few transferring in also.
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    Updated transfers for PSU.
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    Updated coaching info for Maryland and Ohio State.
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    Update for Rutgers.
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    Gets crazier every year.
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    Update for Maryland! It's a big one!
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    Update for Ohio State, PSU, Rutgers and Wisconsin.
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    Not Iowa related but worth noting. Muffet McGraw coach of Notre Dame has retired. Niele Ivy will take over coaching the Fighting Irish.
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    Updated Ohio State.
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