Article by Jake Rudock on his journey

Discussion in 'Football' started by Casey388, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. Casey388

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    I saw this tweeted out by another hawkeye site, so I sat down and read it. It was very well written and goes through what Jake was thinking. Very complimentary on both Michigan and Iowa.
  2. kicker22

    kicker22 Well-Known Member

    Classy guy. Hope his career ends on a winning note.
  3. Playmaker

    Playmaker Well-Known Member

    Screw him....he wasn't so classy immediately after leaving. Even after KF let him use our facilities after he made his decision to leave.
  4. guffus

    guffus Well-Known Member

    I am a fan of Jake, and I hope he gets treated the same as any other ex-Iowa starting QB but he still seems a little in denial.

    Maybe it will come in time, but there was no acknowledgement that CJ is the better QB. I guess thats not necessary. Point is Jake did accept the reality that he got beat out and moved on. But Jake seems to be the only one that feels like he was blindsided with the decision.

    And like some Iowa fans who were not certain it was the right decision at the time, it is clear now that the QB switch was overdue. I can see why Jake would not want to admit that now while he is still playing. Maybe when Jake and CJ are both done and moved on the next careers, Jake will finally admit it.
  5. DP5555

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    I thought it was a great little article. I've always wished Jake nothing but the best as long as he didn't end up playing the Hawks. He wanted to be a starting QB for his final year of eligibility. No one can blame him for that. While he was at Iowa he gave everything he had, and unfortunately for him it wasn't enough for him to keep his job because of who he had behind him. The whole thing worked out for everyone involved. Realistically it worked out about as perfectly as it could have. Good luck to Jake tomorrow and in the future. I'm sure he'll make a great doctor. He's a good kid.
  6. ColoradoHAWKEYE

    ColoradoHAWKEYE Well-Known Member

    Good article...I'd wish him well if I knew him or ran into him...He was a Hawkeye, and he gave his best at the time....However, I am glad the move was made. It worked out well for all involved. As much as I hate Mishitagain, I'll be rooting for them and JR tomorrow.
  7. mrolympia

    mrolympia Well-Known Member

    it turned out for the best the way I see it.
  8. RobHowe

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    I don't remember him disparaging Iowa when he left. Maybe I missed it.

    Always liked Jake and he gave his all for the program when he was here. Two guys I respect a lot, Blythe and Canzeri, think the world of him and still talk to him all the time.
  9. HomerChampless

    HomerChampless Well-Known Member

    Wow. Don't they say hindsight is 20/40? It's good CJ was able to play all the games, huh?
  10. HomerChampless

    HomerChampless Well-Known Member

    Then there's that quote from Drew Ott.

    Just from the appearance of togetherness as a team, I'd say the players got their wish when CJ was named starter.
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  11. DDThompson

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    Good article.

    -- his initial thought of winning 'his' job back didn't last very long.
    -- and I doubt that Ferentz was surprised or shocked that he decided to transfer.