B1G Ends Up With a Losing Bowl Record??

Discussion in 'Football' started by GVGiant44, Jan 3, 2020.

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    But to play in the natty, Iowa would have had to have won a game in the playoff. Therefore, Iowa would be 1-1 in the bowl season. So you'd get your win.
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    I'd take him over Chase Young. And anyone who takes a QB not named Joe Burrow in the top 10 is gonna be sorry. I was bullshitting with some Oregon fans after the Rose Bowl and they said their QB, who is allegedly a top prospect, sucks. I don't think he looked any better than Stanley against Wisconsin and this dude said that he actually thought Stanley was better than Herbert.
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    Sure did.
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    Last week wasn't that long ago...
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    Wisky was plain and simple: turnovers. Iowa, for the most part, stops having turnover problems by game 7, 8 or 9 at the very latest.

    Spot-on with Minnesota. $EC has more "team speed", team-for-team, than the B1G, but better line play and smarter play can always counteract that.
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    Nebraska shall NEVER contend for a conference or national championship again. The landscape, and their situation, have changed to the point it’s simply not in their cards.

    Similarly, Iowa may on very rare occasion be in the hunt for a B1G title. But none of us will see a Hawkeye NC in our lifetimes. Unfortunately.
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    No way Iowa gives up that last TD on Wisky. I don't think I 've ever seen so many teams get out of position as badly as they do today. USC several times looked like jr highers pursuing the ball. Like the $.
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    I wish
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    Amen Brown is a for sure thing as a prospect. Young I think NFL tackles will be able to handle easier then people think... I could be wrong about that but he's just a speed guy. I don't think he's a bull rusher so much. If your a one trick pony in the NFL that one trick has to be above and beyond great.

    The difference between Herbert and Stanley is mostly the offenses in which they play... I've seen Herbert play a handful of times. He's never wowed me or overly impressed me at all. If Stanley had his weapons his whole career in that offense against PAC 12 Ds he'd have put up stats too. Hell he put up numbers for Iowa. I'd say it's a coin flip to which has a better NFL career between them. Of course it's all on where you land and all that but they aren't that different they just aren't.
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    Hawks 18th, USC 116th.
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    Literally everyone who’s a true fan.
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    I love this reply, O'Keefe. ;)
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    Other than our win, I wish they all would have lost! We recruit against most of them!
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    They had people out at guard against us, and we moved AJ inside on multiple plays to exploit this. Didn't watch any of their other games so no idea if the guy that was out was all pro or anything, but I can't imagine that team having anything resembling depth.