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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by RobHowe, Oct 10, 2018.

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    Are we first? So, at first glance, we return everyone off last year team and we are only projected to be better than four of 14 teams. Ok. Either the assumption is that none of our players improve over the off season, or they are coming from such a low place talent wise...that jumping four teams is well...the ceiling for this team.

    My being a consummate homer...I think this team surprises people and ends up 5th in the conference with an NCAA bid in their pocket. Let's face it...you get the scoring defense down to 72...and this team can win every game. Now...is 72 realistic? We have length...the question is are we any tougher?
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    I have learned in my years on earth, that polls are GENERALLY in the ballpark, but NEVER totally correct. One thing you can count on is several teams will do better than predicted and several will do worse. I'm on the wagon! I say Iowa finishes no worse than 6th and prolly 5th!!
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    The writer did open the door on Iowa being a dark horse, with defense being the key area for improvement. I think we can all agree on that issue.
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    I agree with that writer. I see them finishing 9th. No higher than 7th. The games should be a lot closer, at least.
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    The more things our there that rip on last year's defense, the better. "Criminally bad" and "need to show even a passing interest in defense" How could anyone read those things and not work their ass off to do something about it?
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    Any take on conference standings are always going to have a starting point where MSU, Michigan, Purdue, Indiana, and tOSU ahead of us simply because they are who they are and we are who we are. Not at all surprising we're that low.
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    Not a single 1st All B1G vote for Cook... somebody voted for Isaiah Rivers.
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    Nebraska is being picked WAY too high. Let me know when Tim Miles has ever posted back to back 20 wins seasons. I'll wait forever because he's never done it. Nebraska has only done it twice in school history and they were both close to 20 years ago. I get the talent they have, but playing with expectations for a program on their footing is another animal and the fact that people are picking them 1,2,3 when they've never finished higher than 4th since joining the league makes me lol.
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    I think both Neb and Purdue are way overhyped this year in the Big 10.
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    I for one, am happy that we are being overlooked. With Cook not making any of the preseason watch lists, this can be the motivator not only for him, but the entire team. This year we can play with a chip on our shoulder,and thats not a bad thing.
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    My expectations are in line with the poll. I am sure that our players have worked on improving, but so has every other team in the conference. Since in the past we haven't reliably defended against the dribble drive or the perimeter late in the shot clock, don't see the halfcourt defense getting much better.

    We do have talent, but so did Raveling, and we know how that turned out.

    I'm a die hard Hawkeye fan, I will watch almost every game and root for them to win more games. But I will comment when I notice head scratchers.

    I guess I would rather be pleasantly surprised than be disappointed.
  13. Northside Hawk

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    I'm still buying Nebraska, selling Maryland. I think the author has them placed about right. Palmer, Copeland, Watson, and Roby are a solid nucleus and they have some depth.

    Time will tell if it plays out. I also think Wisconsin finishing fifth may be several spots too high. Not sure if Greg Gard has Bo Ryan's chops.
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    I wouldn't go to Vegas with my prediction because it's way more of a hope than anything but I'd like to see us get in top 5 and go dancing. Why can't they? It's not lack of talent... It wouldn't be lack of depth (with no major injury issues) It won't be from lack of scoring. Or lack of experience most of these guys minus JW have been around the block now. Can we not improve at the defensive end enough to start beating people? I guess all I'm saying is IF what I'm hoping for were to happen I won't be all shocked and surprised like the media will be.
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    A lot of basketball is about talent. Nebraska returns a lot of talent most notably Palmer Jr. and Copeland, but Roby and Watson Jr are nice secondary pieces. If they don’t get hit with injuries they will be tough.
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    I think the paragraph on Iowa was spot on and fair. Iowa definitely has "sleeper crash the prom" kind of potential, but, until they start playing a little resemblance of defense, one can't really put them in the top half. That would be crazy. But, But, the shore up that defense and they could be a solid top 5. They are that close and have enough offense.

    One can say it's easier or better to only have to concentrate on one flaw of a team instead of a few weak areas. That could be a positive for Iowa. If dedicated to play D and get better on that front then the sky could be the limits.


    I think both Fran and the university knows it all comes down to this year. This is it. If the team doesn't improve on defense and perform then it's probably time to cut ties and move on. It's gotten to that point and probably won't get better. This year is an interview for Fran, IMO. It's perform or shut up time.
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    sure, and I get that. But, the last time NU was in this position, like the 14 season when they returned Petteway, Shields and Pitchford from their first NCAA appearance in 16 years, they won 13 games. Petteway was billed just like Palmer Jr. was and a lot of people had Nebraska as high as #2 in the conference that season. People on this very site were drooling over Tim Miles. Nebraska has really never produced many back to back seasons worth a crap. Tim Miles has NEVER. Why is that? Cause playing as a dark horse vs playing as a favorite with a target on your back are 2 different beasts. The culture is not built for sustained success in Lincoln and I won't believe it til I see it. I am not saying they are gonna be bad...but talk about a "prove it" program - that describes NU to a tee.
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    That '14 team underachieved-big time. And the lethargy that followed nearly cost Miles his job. They also have a transfer coming in this year and one from George Mason coming on next year and seem to be getting more athletic. This is certainly a pivotal year for them and the middle of the conference is in a state of flux. Heck, the departure of Thad Motta and Bo Ryan has put the upper part of the conference in a state of flux.
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    There should be fewer blowouts. The only issue with closer games is Fran's well documented record in games decided by six points or less, which has put us in the NIT more than once. Win two or three more of those games in one season and it could be enough of a difference between NIT and NCAA. He has to win more of those close games, which you have documented in the past as coming down to guard play and defensive stops.