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    You're clearly talking about defense and I agree we should be excited about that unit.

    The weakness is on offense. We should all be expecting great things out of Stanley. He's an experienced leader and has as much talent as any QB in the Ferentz era. But he has moments of complete failure. At times, his play has completely let the offense down. CRAZY missed throws to wide open guys, no feel for pocket pressure, etc. But what about the O Line? We have a few stars, with NFL buzz... but will the unit perform well? Say what you want about Defense, but the crystal ball says Iowa football wins when we can run the ball. We had ZERO running game last year.

    What about the passing game? We weren't that good in the air last year, and we had two lottery pick TEs (have you heard?). Do our combined pass catchers have enough ability to win us games and make good defenses pay for mistakes? Can those guys win 1on1 matchups? These are my question marks and inherent "weaknesses".
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    Yes...I was clearly talking about the defense since i talked about the defense. The correlation between talking about the defense and your words actually being about the defense is usually very close to 100%.

    The offense is the mystery and Stanley is the wild card. I'll make a prediction there. If he completes 65% or greater of his throws we are in the B10 championship. I think if he had done that last year we would have been. I'm not saying it was all his fault that we didn't get there...but he had the opportunity to be special at critical times and it just didn't come together for him. Accuracy has to improve...and he has to make the big play in critical moments.

    "Great teams aren't always great, they are just great when they have to be." John Fasenda, NFL FILMS

    Those words are just so true. When you have guys that can make the throws at critical times (CJ Beathard of 2015)...that's the difference. CJ was money in almost every big moment in 2015. If Michigan States defensive back doesn't hold Vandenburg on that hitch and go...we are B10 champions.
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    Hawks all the way. crazy to think will be 4 years already since that glorious season. Undefeated.
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    If I were a betting man(which I am not)I would take NW to win the West. It seems to be the sexy/sneak pick for everyone.
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    Not sure what you mean about the above since Iowa played at Illinois last year. That was a huge 63-0 beatdown on their home field.
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    If the refs had called the clear targeting at the end on the goal line we would have been too. Oh well, maybe this year.
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    1. Iowa
    2. Minnesota
    3. Wisconsin
    4. Purdue
    5. Northwestern
    6. Nebraska
    7. Illinois

    Iowa has depth, experience at quarterback. Probably the best line in the B1G. Among the best in the country. Good RBs. Decent D.
    Minnesota was young last year but they look ready for the next step. If they don't do it this year, it could be 3 years before they get enough to contend again.
    Wisconsin. New quarterback. Still well coached. Good recruits.
    Purdue. New QB. Good D. Good skill players.
    Northwestern. New QB. Good coach.
    Nebraska. Good QB. Some good skill players. Depth beyond starters is questionable.
    Illinois. Very young last year. Could be a spoiler this year. But not enough to get out of the basement.
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    The first thing all winning teams have is an experienced quarterback. Then I look at the offensive and defensive lines. If those areas are solid, then you have a chance to excel. The Hawks have these areas covered.

    1. Iowa
    2. Nebraska
    3. Northwestern
    4. Minnesota
    5. Purdue
    6. Wisconsin
    7. Illinois
    There could be some ties in the rankings.
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    1. Iowa
    Best defense, likely top half in offense. Stanley’s play is the limiting factor here. Complete 60-65% of his passes and we win at least ten, and if his completion percentage is above 60% every game and we’re in a New Years Six. If he can’t manage that, I’d like to see what the backups can do, but I have zero confidence that Kirk would pull the trigger.

    2. Northwestern
    Northwestern doesn’t seem to be limited by graduations at QB, and the rest of the team is still fairly strong. Expect them in the top 3.

    3. Wisconsin
    Wisconsin takes another step back, but strong line play and RB play will keep them above .500 in conference play. I think most have them too low, and Minnesota too high.

    The Minnesota hype is undeserved. Their three conference wins last year were a product of lucky scheduling, and the only reason they are ranked ahead of Purdue is their joke of a schedule.

    5. Purdue
    Scheduling 11 power five teams is either going to be a resume booster or a bear. I’m going with bear.

    6. Nebraska
    Scott Frost is a dick, his team’s culture is awful, and his roster is built for the conference Nebraska never should have left. If they were playing there, I’d chalk them up for 10+ wins. I put his ceiling in this year at 7 wins, and probably fewer than that.

    7. Illinois
    Nothing to say here.
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    I agree. The other thing, and it pains me to admit this, is that Northwestern may be good every year. I know they have a new QB but isn't he a five star transfer?

    Also, NW's offense sucked last year and they won the west with fantastic defense. I never count those bastards out, either.
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    I agree with everything here. Nebby is a wild card, but as you eloquently noted, Frost is a dick. Until they prove it by stopping a running game in November, they can suck a cob.
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    Nebby let NW off the hook last year. Iowa couldnt have played worse on offense last year against NW and much of the problem was at Off Coord.

    NW caught Purdue at the right time which was game #1 and Purdue wasnt sure which QB to play.

    Right there coulda shoulda been 3 losses. But that is what Fitzy does, he mucks it up with his defense, takes chances on defense blitzing and he dares the opponent to beat them over the top passing but not in the run game.

    Iowa's last win against them in 2015 was because Iowa and Wadley ran all over them and Thorsen was Frosh. I think in 2016 Iowa had 250 yards of offense in the first half but only 7 points.

    NW also has a reputation for holding on both LOS units and if they get away with it fine for them. Last year's Michigan game against NW the TV crew were talking about the Mich coaches wanting the refs to watch for the NW def line holding blockers and sure enough two big flags were called on NW just for this penalty.

    Good luck with the hawks getting a call like that in their favor.
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    We will see......A guy that can use his legs and spin it when he has to...... seems like every other Northwestern quarterback we have seen the last 13 years.
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    1. Nebraska 9-3/ 6-3
    2. Wisconsin 8-4/ 5-4
    3. Iowa 7-5/ 5-4
    4. Northwestern 7-5/ 4-5
    5. Purdue 7-5/ 4-5
    6. Minnesota 5-7/ 3-6
    7. Illinois 3-9/ 2-7

    Book this standing, I’m screen capturing to show you guys in November.
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    All true. But at the end of the day it's still Minnesota and Bernie Bierman isn't walking back through the door. Just not buying it.
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    Show us how wrong you were?? What's our prize.
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    I’ll apologize. I don’t mind. I’m married, it’s my whole life.