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    1. NW
    2. Purdue
    3. Wisconsin
    4. Iowa
    5. Nebby
    5. Minny
    7. Illinois
  2. GVGiant44

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    Thanks for all the replies, folks! I understand this is no substitute for the real thing. But we have two more months to fill before that happens. But when it does, hardly anyone goes back to the pre-season magazines (or posts) and compares what was predicted with what actually happened (see Iowa, 2015).
  3. HawkeyeDenis

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    I think the top 5-6 spots in the West are up for grabs. On paper it doesn't look like there's more than a field goal difference between any of them.
  4. Jonrn

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    He might not be that good, but it isn’t like northwestern is winning the west with all America QBs. They just need someone average to beat Iowa. A thorson type is usually enough.
  5. Robowe

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    Thorson was a 5th round pick of the Eagles. Of course, when this article compares him to Jay Cutler (minus the cannon arm), I am not sure how the future looks. :)


    Being a fifth-round rookie quarterback, I tried to comp him to a career backup, but I really couldn't come up with anyone that fit. The guy he sort of reminds me of that you've all heard of? Jay Cutler, minus the cannon arm.
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    Until the Iowa offense can play lights-out game after game this looks good to me.
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    Jay cutler without an arm spells being cut during training camp. If thorson ever starts an NFL game I’ll be shocked.
  8. Robowe

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    Well, he does have to beat out Nate Sudfeld and/or Cody Kessler ... stiff competition for sure. :)
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    Which coaching staffs have pummeled KF more than Northwestern and Wisconsin?

    Kirk needs to cast off the "punch drunk" mantra on these two games to move beyond average.

    Time for Kirk and Son to get it done.
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