Bash the badgers game thread

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by BigD, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. mopkins

    mopkins King Kong

    Alex hornibrook transferred?
  2. Northside Hawk

    Northside Hawk Well-Known Member

    Cook is going to get shut out tonight. Zero points.
  3. Ian Pike Hammer

    Ian Pike Hammer Well-Known Member

    we will need 10-12 3's the second half to win
  4. Robowe

    Robowe Well-Known Member

    0-6 FG so far. Happ having his way.
  5. HaydenHawk56

    HaydenHawk56 Well-Known Member


    Message just left in visitor's locker room for Tyler for NBA Scout.
  6. Robowe

    Robowe Well-Known Member

    Terrible pass by Moss trying to get it to Garza. Ugly basketball.
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  7. ssckelley

    ssckelley Well-Known Member

    Ugly game to watch. Moss has disappeared on offense again.
  8. BigD

    BigD Well-Known Member

    Players look like a bunch of junior highers. My apologies to all you junior high players. Comical
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  9. HawkeyeHypnosis

    HawkeyeHypnosis Well-Known Member

    This is more than frustrating to watch. Again.
  10. tksirius

    tksirius HN's Love Doctor

    Happ makes guarding Cook look so easy.
  11. hawkinarkansas

    hawkinarkansas Well-Known Member

    Gotta wonder, if JW doesn’t bank in a shot from the corner at Rutgers, Iowa is a bubble team imo
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  12. mopkins

    mopkins King Kong

    Can't wait until Iowa gets blown out tonight and then somehow squeaks out a win against Nebraska and Cook/Bohannon go off on Twitter about how they heard all the shit the fans were saying about them

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  13. trj

    trj Well-Known Member

    and he can't guard Happ either......Kreiner pick and roll shooting jumpers?
  14. Robowe

    Robowe Well-Known Member

    Don't see them beating Nebraska at this point.
  15. mopkins

    mopkins King Kong

    And hook shots!
  16. EstronHawkKing

    EstronHawkKing Well-Known Member

  17. SpiderRico

    SpiderRico Well-Known Member

    We have officially reverted to last year’s team. No energy, fold at the slightest hint of adversity, hero ball, lazy, no fundamentals (can’t dribble, can’t block out, etc).

    What the fuck happened?
  18. hawkdrummer1

    hawkdrummer1 Well-Known Member


    Thanks for the contract extension Gary! f*** head
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  19. teachercoach

    teachercoach Well-Known Member

    Early in year, teams double teamed him - led to a couple passes and open shots. Now he has no 1-on-1 game, no doubles and his shot chart looks ugly - all less than 8'. No help D from him - sit him. Garza, Kreiner, Pemsl, Nunge will give better Team interior play next year
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  20. hawkinarkansas

    hawkinarkansas Well-Known Member

    Not a turnover from our floor captain, no...
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