Bash the badgers game thread

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by BigD, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. mopkins

    mopkins King Kong

    Connor is garbage. Cook is garbage. Boahnnon can't create a shot.

    Wtf is this. This ain't basketball
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  2. Motigerhawk

    Motigerhawk Well-Known Member

    Holy smokes how have we won 21?
  3. BigD

    BigD Well-Known Member

    Bo had a shot and didn’t take it. What the hell???
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  4. HaydenHawk56

    HaydenHawk56 Well-Known Member

  5. tksirius

    tksirius Well-Known Prostitute

    Yes, Conner. That was a travel.
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  6. dahlhawk

    dahlhawk Well-Known Member

    This season is over, the professionalism that Fran was sure that the league officials would show is second to their solidarity. They aren't even pretending to call an even game. JBo has turned down at least 5 open shots, WHY?
  7. Motigerhawk

    Motigerhawk Well-Known Member

    Do we run an offense?
  8. vork22

    vork22 Well-Known Member

    This team should be on the bubble
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  9. 83Hawk

    83Hawk Banned

    This is exactly what will happen.
  10. Robowe

    Robowe Well-Known Member

    Connor with the walk and incredulous look at the ref. Iowa down 16, and it doesn't feel that close.
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  11. mopkins

    mopkins King Kong

    Connor is what...9% from 3?
  12. hawkinarkansas

    hawkinarkansas Well-Known Member

    CM doing all he can to get that shooting percentage in the single digits....keep on trucking on CM,
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  13. Motigerhawk

    Motigerhawk Well-Known Member

    Cold as ice
  14. Ian Pike Hammer

    Ian Pike Hammer Well-Known Member

    actually, that was about 4 games ago
  15. phdsvp

    phdsvp Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking Fran needs to make the second weekend of the NCAAs next year or it's time for a change. And Gary Barta should be fired at the end of this season just to make sure.
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  16. SidFarkas

    SidFarkas Well-Known Member

    Launch threes every time
  17. Motigerhawk

    Motigerhawk Well-Known Member

    Happ is a stat whore
  18. Stanzi

    Stanzi Well-Known Member

    28 points...I can't even right now.
  19. SidFarkas

    SidFarkas Well-Known Member

    These Iowa Assistants are garbage.
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  20. koralakers

    koralakers Well-Known Member

    This is beyond pathetic