Big Ten Blog Ranks Kinnick Stadium #5

Discussion in 'Football' started by bitmap, Jul 16, 2012.

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    Really a weak effort from rittenberg. Didn't show the stadium at all, 30 second video, no real facts or info. " a lot of great card stunts" the fans did that once. Really a poor effort of story making IMO.

    One thing about this series, it has a weakly defined basis. I have no idea what their criteria is. One thing that is clear, they are taking current success over history, as msu will be ranked ahead of Iowa, I don't think that's a very good stadium at all, but the Spartans are a good program right now. Also, Michigan had an all time low era recently, albeit a good season last year and visible resurgence. No way they shoul be ranked 6th. My main reason for thinking this is because Wisconsin is just overrated IMO. They are trendy right now and people get carried away
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    MSU came in at #7, fwiw..

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    Wow that sucked. If you were going to do that poorly of a job he should have just shown a picture of Kinnick.
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    What criteria was used? Big Ten W-L records should matter. On that score, in the past 10 years, Iowa is 30-10 in home Big Ten games. Didn't spend the time looking up all the other schools, but I imagine that stacks up pretty well against other home conference records. For example, using the 2 hot teams at the moment - Wisconsin's home record in the past 10 years is the same as Iowa's, while MSU's record is only 24-16 - although both schools have been undefeated at home the past 2 years - so it depends on one's perspective.
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    Kinnick is great, and not sure much input was done by Adam. I have watched each one, and not much info on any of the great stadiums of the Big Ten. What would make Kinnick higher on the list, is about another 7 or 8 thousand seats.
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    The only thing that matters is the venue itself, the home field advantage that is created there, (W/L % and volume) and the atmosphere within the stadium.

    From a whole package perspective, I think that the first 3 are clear, and the second 3 are largely interchangeable based on how good the team is that year.
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    Pretty uninspiring report. Why not just shoot the video from his basement with a photo of Kinnick in the background. I was expecting a little more suporting information for the #5 ranking ... Kinnick should be higher than 5 ... even taking my Hawkeye blinders off ...
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    Yes this is true. But another thing would be having a really strong CURRENT program. For example, if we were coming off an 11 win season, we would be ranked higher. Michigan has probably the best stadium in the country and it is outrageous that they are not top 5 big 10. They are coming off a mediocre era, and that is why they are ranked 6th.

    But yes the seat # is undeniable. If Iowa sat 80,000 and sold out every game, which it probably could, it would be absolutely one of the best.
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    Michigan Stadium best in the country? You crazy.
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    I wasn't to impressed with Michigan Stadium. Big but spread out to shallow.

    Quite honestly was more impressed with TCF Stadium.
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    I've been to all the big ten stadiums. Here is my unbiased ranking, from worst to first:

    12. NW - wow - it sucks. Beautiful setting; lousy high school stadium literally falling apart at the seams.
    11. Ind. - Horrible. They fill about a third of it. What a joke.
    10. Minnesota - beautiful new stadium. Great setting. No atmosphere and lousy, rude, stupid fans who rarely show up for the games.
    9. Purdue - Not bad, but they rarely sell out. The train whistle is really irritating.
    8. MSU - Nothing special. Decent stadium but the worst, rudest fans in the Big Ten.
    7. Illinois - Big old stadium with a lot of history. They don't fill it and the fans really don't make much noise.
    6. Penn State - big time venue, but not as loud as it should be.
    5. Nebraska - friendly fans. Not that loud and the area around the stadium really stinks. The fans are spoiled a bit and seem unhappy unless Nebraska wins the national championship (unrealistic?). They need to complain less and cheer more.
    4. Wisconsin - best tailgating in the Big Ten. The stadium is right downtown. Fun environment and the fans are great. This is a must do trip for any Iowa fan. Stay for the fifth quarter; it is a ton of fun.
    3. The Big House - so much history. Great tailgating. Wonderful, friendly fans with a lot of class. Great pre-game; Hail to the Victors is awesome before the game; great traditions. Really fabulous. Stay for the post-game band concert.
    2. The Shoe - absolutely the loudest, most intense venue in the Big Ten. When they dot the I, it is all over for the visitor. You're toast already, you just don't know it. Very intimidating place for the visiting team.
    1. Kinnick - best, loudest fans. Great tailgate. Wonderful atmosphere. Seats are right next to the field. Clearly the best stadium, and it is not even close (ok, maybe I'm a little biased).
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    This entire video blog series has been disappointing...all they do is set up a camera on the 50 yd line and shoot a :30-:45 report. They don't take a video tour of the facility or show any of the actual upgrades that have been performed at any of the stadiums. Extremely amateur ...I think students at each of the schools could've put together a better piece, then just have Ritt do the voice over for it.
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    Espn must be doing player/coach interviews and other stories when they do these stadium videos or they wasted a lot of money to send him to 12 different places to talk to talk for about 6 total minutes.
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    Rittenberg said they did the stadium videos when they were on each campus for the Spring practice series.

    These guys churn out a dozen or more items on a daily basis. I'm sure you complainers would do much better.
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    Meh. My totally unscientific haven't been to all of them sorta rankings.

    10-12: Indiana, Northwestern, Purdue
    7-9: Illinois, Minnesota, MSU
    5-6: Michigan, PSU
    1-4: Iowa, Wisconsin, OSU, Nebraska
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    the sheetiest journalism I have ever seen.
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    Not to go Old School, but Kinnick was alot different before the lastest remodeling and new tailgate rules and lot closures.