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    I expect so, and I kind of worry about that.....I mean, there is just no way we can expect this momentum, there has to be a butt-ugly game somewhere in the remaining schedule (though our 3 pt shooting last night was really ugly come to think of it). I hope not, I like this train ride!
  2. WindsorHawk

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    Interesting to look at this every couple games.
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  3. WindsorHawk

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    Enter the results of tonight’s games and click enter...looks much different than a couple days ago.
  4. mopkins

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    Beat me to it as well. FRIDAY FRAN REIGNS
  5. mopkins

    mopkins King Kong

    Thats what happens when only 3 games separate the 1-seed from the 11-seed
  6. hawkeyebob62

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    Good thinking on that switch. .
  7. WindsorHawk

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    Anything is possible in this year’s Big 10. But I’ve run different scenarios and I think we have to go 5-2 to get a BTT double bye.

    There is upside to such a tough Big 10. We probably are in 6 seed (NCAA) territory with 4 more wins...regular season and BTT. More than 4 and the seed should be better.
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  8. Xerxes

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    Damn this would be a fantastic year to have tickets to the BTT
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    Is it back in Indy this year?
  10. Xerxes

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  11. WindsorHawk

    WindsorHawk Well-Known Member

    After last night’s upsets we now project as the 4 seed in BTT. Get 1 road win and take of the home court and we have a good shot.
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  12. PCHawk

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    I think Maryland and Penn State are the most likely to get a double bye. Michigan State isn't great, but they always seem to find a way. I think we need Illinois to fall apart to make room for us. Obviously we can take matters into our own hands and win a bunch down the stretch. But the best way to get a double bye with a 4-3 finish is to have Illinois tank. Their really good guard looked like he got hurt pretty bad at the very end of the game last night. I hope it's not an ACL, but I'm ok if it's a knee strain that keeps him out the rest of the regular season.
  13. WindsorHawk

    WindsorHawk Well-Known Member

    Sure looked like an ACL...from a guy with ACL injuries to both knees. But I hope it wasn’t.
  14. Hawk1960

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    MSU also has two games left with Maryland and another on the road with PSU. It looks like Illinois is starting to fall apart already with 3 straight losses and the possible injury to their best guard.
  15. dirtwrap

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    If you were to run the simulator right now with the matchups already chosen, you end up with

    MD: 16-4 26-5
    PSU 15-5 25-5
    MSU 13-7 21-10
    IA 12-8 21-10
    ILL 12-8 20-11
    WI 12-8 19-12
    MN 10-10 16-14
    OSU 10-10 20-11
    RUT 10-10 19-12
    PU 10-10 17-14
    MI 9-11 18-13
    IN 7-13 17-14

    That would be very clear at the top, with MD probably getting a 1 or a 2 seed, PSU probably a 2 or a 3, but then after that it is very muddy. How much should the B1G be valued? How does a Purdue team, at 17-14 look with all their big wins, or Michigan with their big wins at 18-13 look? They have to be in right? So if those teams make it in at a 10 seed, that has to put the MSU, ILL, and Iowa trio with all their wins in the 5-6 line right?

    So looking ahead, it becomes even more interesting to me. Granted, upsets can happen at any time and should not be taken for granted, but it is expected for a top team in the standings at home to beat a lower team on the road. We all know all of Iowa's games are big and will greatly impact our season as well as the standings, but there are not that many games left that could shake things up at the top a lot, and of those games, many of them have Maryland. Here they are:

    MSU - MD. MSU at home. Bracket says MSU wins here and if they do then nothing changes above, but still a big game.
    IN - PSU: Bracket says PSU wins on the road. Indiana is not a bad team and can beat anyone at home.
    OSU - MD: Bracket says MD wins this on the road.
    MN - MD: Bracket says MD wins this on the road as well.
    PSU - MSU. Much like the MSU/MD game, nothing changes if the home team wins but MSU can beat PSU on the road.
    RUT-MD: Bracket says MD beats Rutgers, who is unbeaten at home, on the road.

    I dont think MD is that good to win all those games on the road, and dropping any of them or multiple of them definitely changes the landscape of the big ten in the ncaa's. That further compresses the pack.
  16. Xerxes

    Xerxes Well-Known Member

    I'm starting to get the feeling that unless Iowa pulls out one of these road games this week and wins out at home, they're going to get stuck playing Michigan on Thursday in the 6/11 game or possibly the 7/10 if Iowa loses out on the road and PSU gets them in Carver.

    Of all the teams Iowa cold play Thursday, a healthy Michigan team would be my last choice.
  17. WindsorHawk

    WindsorHawk Well-Known Member

    They are one of my 1st choices. They can’t defend the interior at all. But everyone is comparable. The BTT winner has to be a 2 seed.
  18. dirtwrap

    dirtwrap Guest

    Looking at the simulator today, considering all the games go as predicted, if we go:

    1-4: beat Purdue and lose to everyone else. 7 seed
    1-4: beat OSU and lose to everyone else. 8 seed
    2-3: beat OSU and Purdue, lose to everyone else. 6 seed
    3-2: win the home games, lose to MSU and IL. 4 seed
    4-1: Lose to IL or lose to MSU. 3 seed.
    5-0: 3 seed
  19. WindsorHawk

    WindsorHawk Well-Known Member

    Win the 3 home games and I suspect everything else will fall into place.
  20. WindsorHawk

    WindsorHawk Well-Known Member

    When I make my predictions...

    MD 15-5
    PSU 14-6
    IL 13-7

    All 12-8

    OSU 11-9
    RUT 11-9

    PUR 10-10

    MN 9-11
    MI 9-11

    IN 8-12

    NE 3-17

    NW 1-19

    Edit - Finish 4-1 and we are alone in 3rd or tied with IL.
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