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    Interesting development:

    CHICAGO, Illinois — Francois McGillicuddy, president of Big Ten Network, spoke a the 2019 Big Ten Media Days on Thursday.

    He revealed that in August 2019 that streaming of Big Ten Network content will no longer be available through,, the BTN2Go app, or the FOX Sports Go app.

    The new app that consumers should use is the FOX Sports app and

    McGillicuddy said the transition had to with FOX's sale of FOX Sports Go. He said the transition will be completed in August 2019.

    The 2019 Big Ten Football Media Days are still streaming on and and their respective apps.
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    Personally I had nothing but problems with the BTN2Go app and thought it sucked. Hopefully Fox's app is better, and they support YouTubeTV as one of the login providers.
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    Amen. That app sucked. I got it one year to supposedly watch Iowa's non-con basketball games. The app crashed, sound sucked, it cut off the end of games, or just didn't work at all. I got a refund and never tried it again.

    Hopefully Foxsports can do it better.
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    How can you take someone with that name seriously.