Billy Gillispie Interviews for HC job at Tx Tech

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by hawkeye12345, Mar 17, 2011.

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    I guess Texas Tech is missing a controversial coach since they let go of Mike Leach. If they hire Billy they will at least have one in charge of their Basketball program!
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    Bad news for ISU. Gillispie is a great coach, just not a good fit for Kentucky. The job he did at A&M was really amazing, taking a team that hadn't been in the NCAA's in nearly 20 years and went 0-16 in the B12 the year before he took over, he had them in the top 10 just three years later. No reason why he can't do the same at Texas Tech.
  5. chitown

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    He'll be there 3 years max, IMO.
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    Over/under on his next DUI?

    RADMAN Well-Known Member

    Who are you, God?
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    Maybe. The guy can flat out recruit AND coach which I think is a lost art within the NCAA. You either have recruiters or coaches but rarely have both.

    I could see him signing a contract with TTech that includes a morality clause as well. From what I've heard the guy has cleaned himself up and just wants an opportunity to prove everyone wrong. I've always been a fan of his and lobbied to have him as Iowa's head coach - I clearly didn't get a vote. :D

    BCG has big time Texas connections and it wouldn't surprise me to see Tech in the NCAAs within 2 years. Tech can pay big money and he's already done the 'big' program so maybe he stays just to stay out of the spotlight.
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    Seriously, one DUI a few years ago. This guy isn't Rick Patino getting drunk and knocking up some tramp on a table in a bar. It isn't Calipari getting two different programs hammered by the NCAA. He isn't liar Pearl. He made a stupid mistake countless Americans make and he paid his price.

    Just judging by the facts, there are way more slimy, morally, currupt guys in college basketball.
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    Well said.
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    He's got four DUIs. I think he's a good basketball coach, but it's not like it's unreasonable to think this might happen again. This isn't like Rick Pitino making a one time mistake, this is a guy who's shown a repeatedly reckless pattern of behavior.
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    I have lived in Kentucky for the better part of 23 years and was here during the Billy G reign. Being a Hawk through and through I could care less about the success of the KY Wildcats but can say this about Billy...he was a marginal coach and an even worse human being! The drinking was only half of what was floating around concerning BG.

    I was pretty skeptical about the hiring of Fran but can now say I am very pleased with him and feel the future is very bright for Hawkeye BB. As Hawkeyes we do not want any part of the Billy Gillispie show...
  13. Dexter

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    First, to Hawkeyemike, that was BG's 2nd DUI, not his 4th.

    Now to this post, BG is a great college basketball coach and the rumors/garbage that were started on Rupps Rafters were just that - garbage. This is what Kentucky fans do. I read all of that stuff and they tried to claim he "abused" his players. Of course several players have come out since then and said it was all a bunch of crap and many give him credit for the player they are today.
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    So two DUIs, a reckless driving charge and another time being pulled over for suspicion of drunken driving which was later dismissed. Still far from a one time mistake.
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    And how would a reckless driving charge have any effect on his coaching abilities? My wife got a reckless driving charge once and she's a pretty quality individual. Can't drive worth a crap but I would certainly hire her.
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    Billy the Kid is a texas guy,so this hiring makes a lot of sense, as long as he has his personal life in order. He will probably get Texas Tech back on the map pretty quickly.
    I was intrigued by the thought of BillyG at Iowa,but I am glad we ended up with Fran...I highly doubt he will ever embarrass the University.
  17. CAARHawk

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    Sorry guys. I didn't check the number of DUI's before I posted. If this guy isn't totally sober in an ongoing alcohol program, you don't touch him. That IS the record of an alcoholic. Now, if he is doing all that stuff, different story.

    Also, he probably shouldn't have been put back into a high pressure coaching situation until now.
  18. KentuckyHawk

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    BG being a great basketball coach?!?! I'm not sure I would go that far and I believe we have a better coach in Fran. I would say the majority of Kentucky fans would agree with that statement.

    Most of what I'm referring to go to character issues with BG during his time in Lexington. Remember, he was coaching at Kentucky! A program thats going to look the other way unless things get pretty bad. When you get run out of town mainly because of these character issues...nuff said.

    You can have BG as your coach, I don't want him as my Hawkeye coach.
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    Gillispie signed Jaron Nash - Marion, IA native and Kader Tapsoba - Africa native today. Malcolm Moore (IC) is a Soph on the same Tyler JuCo team.

    Iowa signed Kurt Looby and Justin Johnson from TJC a few years back.