Billy Taylor Named Iowa Assistant

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by RobHowe, May 22, 2019.

  1. RobHowe

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  2. FirstDownHawkeyes

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    But can he coach defense and/or help land B1G top tier talent...
  3. Jason Rann

    Jason Rann Well-Known Member

    Great hire. He has strong recruiting connections in the Midwest, especially Chicago.
  4. Zstatman

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    He meets all the things Fran said he wanted in an iassistant. He has lots of experience doing lots of things. If Fran's best years at Iowa are ahead of him maybe Billy becomes the heir apparent..

    Lots of people were probably like me hoping he would bring in an ex Hawk but there would've been a lot of mixed feelings whomever he brought in in that regard.
  5. InGoodCo

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    Wait I was told repeatedly he was just hiring his video guy cause he has no interests in getting better on the court?
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  6. TheIowaHawkGuy

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    Iowa athletics hiring familiarity is nothing new. I'm sure this will really move the needle with recruits on the wire.
  7. SpiderRico

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    Just about every leader in every industry hires people they know and have experience with. This is nothing new or earth shattering in the world of sports or the world of business.
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  8. revkev73

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    Is Fran related to Billy? If not, what is going on in Iowa City?
  9. hawkeyesgonewild

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    good hire I thought they were going to move up Courtney eldridge in that spot. I think Courtney would be good hire when sharm or kurt step down
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  10. Hawknigh

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    So, has Fran even interviewed anyone in the last 10 years as a prospective coach? This looks like a quick phone call to an old colleague and "done." Not that its bad. Is there another head coach who has done as little in terms of active recruitment of coaches as Fran?
  11. PCHawk

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    You should study up on the mandatory process you have to go through before hiring someone.
  12. PCHawk

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    Does anyone have a picture of this guy? I'm asking for a friend.
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  13. Adam

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    What does your friend need it for? He trying to make some memes or deep fakes?
  14. PCHawk

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    I assume it's for something like that. I can't think of anything else it could be.
  15. revkev73

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    Fran is out recruiting PGs 24/7, no time to waste on coach searching.

    Plus, he has his defensive camp for high school coaches this month.

    Only so much time.
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  16. HuckFinn

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    Thank you so much for the well researched documentation about Fran's hire. Can we all imagine how unusual it is for anyone in a leadership position in any business to hire a known quantity who can be trusted by his/her boss? And to satisfy many of the "we only have white guys" on the team, this gentlemen is African American and of course will only recruit black athletes. We win!
  17. revkev73

    revkev73 Well-Known Member

    Might be a great hire, but long term, if Fran can't find a top level PG after 10-12 years and if his teams continue to play little defense, the fuse is burning for change.
  18. trj

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    Not sure what I think about the hire. I guess he better know how to recruit. Yeah, I get that is a really deep analysis on my part, but maybe Iowa should just follow the trend and put a former NBA guy on the bench.
  19. SomersHawk

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    Resume looks pretty good and should be a good addition.

    Anyone know how an assistants salary at Iowa compares to what he made as head coach before? Seems weird guys trade being a head for an assistant unless it is significantly more.
  20. revkev73

    revkev73 Well-Known Member

    A former NBA PG with some success and some cash in his pocket would work well.
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