Bohannon surgery -might miss season

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by spliff45, May 21, 2019.

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    This is literally the perfect comparison for each. Thank you
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    If it wasn’t for bad luck, we’d have no luck at all.
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    This suxors for the team and the program.

    But best wishes to a great Hawkeye for successful surgery and a full and speedy recovery.
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    Maybe Bohanon should just retire from basketball. It wouldn't be worth it if it would effect his future. The guy isn't going to be in the NBA or make a ton of money after basketball. The thought of what Dan Gable has gone through comes to mind. He has had a lot of surgeries from being a wrestler. It should be fun to see what Fredrick and Toussaint can do. I've been looking forward to it. Bohannon will probably be back sometime during the season, but he probably won't be 100%. I think Iowa will be pretty good next year.
  5. Adam

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    Jbo has a legit euro basketball career ahead of him. If his hip has been bad for 2 years. It's still possible that full health Jbo is even better than what we have seen.
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  6. Tierney

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    Maybe you are right. did any of his brothers play in Europe?
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    Bum feet and bum hips are about as bad as it gets for playing defense.
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    Other than a couple years ago when they tanked the whole season, they've been bubble team at worst for 6 of the last 7 years. Look at some previous teams rosters and tell me they were much better than this one. Wieskamp and Garza will be battling for one of the best 1 2 punches Fran has had. Fran has had 2 true freshmen point guards and barely missed the tournament both times. He's won with guys like McCabe, Oglesby, and Dom fricking Uhl being major contributors.

    I do agree that it's looking bleak for having a good year right now. But Fran is almost always bubble at worst regardless of his roster (as long as the roster has his guys on it). I can see freshman Joe T/ Connor being equal to freshman Gesell/Clemmons. I could see sophomore Wieskamp being as good or better than junior Marble. I could see Nunge being a little worse than sophomore White. And I can see Garza being way better than freshman Woody. I also think next years bench will be better than that year. They were one screw job in the Big 10 tourney from making the dance. Why can't this team be close?
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    Sorry, I just can't put a positive spin on this, this is how I felt the year we lost I think Davis to the NBA. It's just hard for me to believe freshman and the returning players are gonna win consistently. I'm gonna treat it as a rebuilding year. We are gonna see a brand new team. I didn't know he was hurt, have even greater respect for what he did last season.
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    I don't think so, but I don't really know.
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    A person can spin things many ways. Like how did we miss the NCAA tournament when we had a roster of Marble, White, Gesell, Woody, and still not make the NCAA? How was that same team with those same players plus Uthoff and Jok barely a NCAA team the following year?

    The team went from shaky at guard to downright the cupboard is bare in a manner of weeks. Now instead of just lacking depth at the guard position, we are going to be starting two Fr. at the guard positions? How can you think this isn't going to hurt the overall performance of the team? We just lost 20 PPG and 5 APG and two 40%+ 3 pt shooters, that is a HUGE blow!
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    All those players you mentioned were at different points in their careers is how we missed the tournament. If they all could have been seniors at the same time we could have been a 1 seed.

    Of course losing those guys is a big blow. That's why my post was about how it was possible to still make the tournament instead of how it would be possible to win the Big 10 if we had those 3 guys back.

    Let's compare next years team to when Cook was a freshman now. They were the first team out or so. Joe T needs to be as good as Bohannon as a freshman. I think that's possible. CJ needs to be as good as Moss as a redshirt freshman. I think thats possible. Wieskamp needs to be as good as Jok as a senior. I think it will be close. He won't get the accolades for leading the conference in scoring, but he might be as good of an all around player. Garza needs to be as good as Cook as a freshman. I think he will be better. That team had a supporting cast of Wagner, Pemsl, Baer, William's, and Uhl. I think this supporting cast can be better. That team also started the year with Williams and Uhl as starters.
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    Yeah, this is not ideal. I wouldn't make a prediction about Iowa hoops going into next season now - period. If you made me, it would be no NCAA. I don't know if Bohannon is worth 15 games like @Fryowa says the homers will try and spin, but losing the best shooter in Iowa history going into his Senior season is worth a lot of wins.
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    A program like Iowa in BB and FB is most often short on talent, especially skilled talent, and short on depth of talent. Injuries, defections, misses on recruiting cripple such programs. It is what it is.
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    Kevin Ward played football at Iowa.

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    Shouldn't a handle like Fryowa automatically make you a homer? Other than trolls, shouldn't everybody here be a homer? Like a coach, dislike a coach, it shouldn't matter, it's the black and gold and the name on the front of the jersey.
    This offseason has truly sucked, a lot of crappy stuff has gone down but an Iowa fan is an Iowa fan and should therefor be a homer. I couldn't stand REDACTED or Lick and yet I was still a fan. Bob Commings had no business being a college football coach and yet, I was a fan then as well.
    Homer should not be a bad thing. Whether one wants regime change or not, should not detract from homerness. Homer is not a bad thing. I haven't lived in Iowa in 25 years, but dammit, I'm from Iowa and I am a friggin HOMER!!!
    Go Hawks!!!
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    I've always found it weird that some hawk fans call other hawk fans homers.
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    Guys that I'd say who were a make or break for Iowa when they were playing recently would be Jok, Uthoff, Marble (at times), obviously White. They all had conference WS (by far the best comprehensive stat) over 2.0 when they were starters. Bohannon's numbers are right alongside Woodbury and Gesell. This is obviously because he's so horribly bad defensively. His DWS are by far the worst of any regular starter since they started keeping that stat (it was actually negative the year before last).

    I don't think losing Bohannon is a good thing, I just don't think it's as serious as people are saying, especially if you consider his net points. People get so hyped up on his long threes that they forget 1) how streaky he is, and 2) no one considers the fact that terrible defense can give up just as many points.

    I mentioned in a fun convo with @JG10Hawk that if a guy makes a huge three from 6' past the line, then lets his guy blow by him for an easy lay in (all of us know that happens to Bohannon and his DWS doesn't lie), then misses his next one and allows another uncontested layup, he's now at -1 net points. His piss poor defense has cost the team a point overall even though we're still ooh-ing and ahh-ing over how he drained a three. Bohannon should always be a net positive scorer, but not by as much as people think because they don't look at both ends of the floor. He just gives up too much with his D. I'd be WAY more worried if this happened to Wieskamp, Garza, or Nunge. Those guys in my opinion are going to be the bulk of the WS this coming year depending on what role Toussaint plays.
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    My account name came from a shirt I saw at Raygunsite. I didn't come up with it, but I thought the shirt was hilarious.