Bohannon surgery -might miss season

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by spliff45, May 21, 2019.

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    To clarify, I was commenting with another poster about Connor's 3 point shooting and pointed out some of his positive stats that a lot of people tend to overlook. Then you added to my comment that one needs to look at a player's defense as well by noting Connor's and Jordan's defensive win shares and how Jordan's offense tends to overshadow his defense. To which I agreed and replied as such also adding that I wanted make sure you knew that you pulled in the conference only numbers as you didn't state so in your post.:)
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    And to clarify further, I never said anything anything in this thread that would imply you agreed with me on anything, just that we were going back and forth and during that I brought up the topic of Bohannon's net contribution. :)
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    Why not analyze the situation and be honest about it? If Jbo is out for an extended period of time we have then lost 3 starters and 1 valuable bench piece from last year. I thought after the season finished there was a good chance we could be better than last year. Now I look at it and say man we have 0 guard depth, and little chance of making the NCAA tournament. I say this all with the idea that Jbo will miss the season, which he might not do.
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    Fair enough :)
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    Oh trust me, I've been analyzing the shit out of. It takes some serious analyzing to find a path to a decent season right now.
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    Here's another transfer list:

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    I was only referencing the part about upgrading his rosters with whatever is out there. I’d have to watch the rest of the video for those other things. You’re right he wasn’t smug for those parts.
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    thanks Rob!
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    Hopefully, the surgery is over with by now and he can start his recovery. Fredrick and Toussaint both have impressive histories. You never know how a recruit will work out until he plays. Iowa has had lots of guys bomb out and had lots of guys that weren't highly esteemed and were impressive. I'm looking forward to seeing what these two guys can do.
    They will have a lot of talent around them.
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    I’m still going to wait and see how we look next fall. We could be good. Or it could be a rough season.

    At this point I’m assuming Bohannon will be playing. Nothing I’ve read says he’s definitely out. I would also add that IIRC the 3 highest rated recruits (out of high school) on next year’s roster are healthy and playing next season.
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    Based on my understanding (however limited) of the surgery he had, I don't see any chance that he plays this year. He's even on record saying that if he isn't ready to go when the pre-season starts, he's going to take a redshirt....and frankly I think that's the best choice. We don't need another Drew Ott situation on our hands where he comes back here and there and all of a sudden the NCAA says there's no waiver. Either he's ready to go full steam when the season starts or he sits.....
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    Not that I am anointing JBo the savior, but it is difficult seeing Iowa being decent unless he is healthy. Only scenario I see if JBo can't come back is if JW can make the leap from good player to a transcendent one. And that's a lot to ask from a kid going into his second year. If he is the second coming of Gordon Heyward the next step would have to be taken next year and not the following year.
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    rob do you think that we get anyone
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    We obviously aren't privy to details due to privacy concerns, but, from what I'm reading, it sounds like he has been dealing with a "cam impingement," which, over time, can lead to both labral tears and arthritis.

    My wife had a laparoscopic repair of a cam impingement, but, ultimately, required a complete replacement at a relatively young age.

    How quickly he recovers will be determined in large part on the degree of arthritic changes that have developed. Until the orthopedist actually views the inside directly, that is an unknown. His young age will work in his favor though.
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    Sort of expected to hear something by now like "surgery went well, but it will be some time until we can estimate length of recovery."
  16. Adam

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    I'm hearing some unsubstantiated rumor from IC. The scope may not have gone well. Damage could be worse then previously expected.
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    I wouldn’t be surprised if JBo never played again after this surgery. It’s a tough break but I think we will be fine without him.
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    From everything I've heard, this surgery isn't a career ender. It's just a long recovery.
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    Yep, just like the #1 juco guard a few years ago, God that a good get:confused:
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    Same here. And I think he could be back before the season. But if I was JB I would RS if I wasn’t 100% or had to miss more than a handful of games. He won’t play in the NBA so why miss any games.
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