Bohannon surgery -might miss season

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by spliff45, May 21, 2019.

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    Seems like the market is pretty bear out there if this is the kid we are looking at. Probably not surprising considering how late in the game this is.
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    Uh oh, this guy started his career at ... Nebraska.

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    Sounds like he has struggled with injuries having had 3 ankle surgeries, the first one of which took place May of his senior year in HS, ie right before his lone year with the huskers. He had surgery for the second time during his transfer year. Then he had a pretty decent sophomore campaign with Valpo before once again having surgery before this past season in which he struggled to get into a rhythm.

    Who knows, maybe this is the perfect break for him to finally be healthy and potentially get a second chance to prove he can play in the Big Ten.
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    Everyone needs a friend like Ryan Kriener ...

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    The friend that moms hate. :D
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    Jeezus! He looks like he's aged 25 years!

    He looks like he could have been a backcourt partner of Nick Nurse.

    Or Matt Painter.