Bohannon surgery -might miss season

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by spliff45, May 21, 2019.

  1. ArvadaHawk

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    total guess, here, but it could be related to Project Management and/or process management.

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    Love the Interdepartmental Studies discussion here! I changed majors 4 times at Iowa, as I didn't have any clue what career path I wanted to take. Eventually went w/ the Interdepartmental Business Studies track. It was my best option as I wanted to graduate on time but couldn't figure out what to do for the next 40 years. Plenty of people don't have it all figured out at 18 or 20, heck some colleagues of mine in their 40s and 50s have changed industries.

    Respect to my fellow INT STUDIES family.
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    No. Just no. The AIRBHG has been gone for a long time, you haven't posted in almost a year, and now you show up right before the ISU game? Are you TRYING to jinx us??? :D

    AIRBHG Well-Known Member

    Haha. Hawks have four capable backs this year. Should be deep enough to outlast the AIRBHG :D
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    You knock on wood right now. Go!
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    Not to disrespect teachers, my father was a teacher, but your three years of indecision about what to study is how I imagine the people who I went to high school with ended up in teaching. They went to school for three years majoring in partying and then took a look at their transcript and asked, what kind of a degree can I get with this? Hey, I could be a teacher, and have summers off. Party on.

    It's just my theory.
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    No, the coursework is pretty specific, at least up until recently with the huge teacher shortage. That specific coursework is what lead to the shortage.
  8. sioux34

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    You have to keep in mind the people I went to high school with that went into teaching are coming up on retirement. My anecdote is from 30 years ago.
  9. HawkGold

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    You are basically describing me in vintage. Those I went to school with and myself like to teach. At that time I was very shy. Public speaking was almost impossible. But, I liked to help and had to overcome my fear. Most teachers do like to help. Something does happen to some teachers along the way. Some make it about them. You can tell the ones who are good and doing it for the right reason and quite a few do.

    Not sure about PE teachers though. You might be right about some of them.