Brian Ferentz on Clock Management

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Sep 18, 2019.

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    He sounds more and more like his Dad every year.

    I like that he admitted to the mishandling against Rutgers. The general philosophy seems to be make sure you end the half with the ball in your possession. If that means passing up TD opportunities, so be it. Been that way for 20 years.....
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    The only logical reason I can see for stalling the game and working the clock is to prevent the opponent from getting the ball back and possibly scoring.....

    If that is the case, it doesn't stop extreme frustration for the Hawkeye faithful.....

    There has been a conservative bent to TheCaptain's ways and means. Probably going to be that way until he retires. Brian might have to go along with the schemes whether or not he completely agrees.....

    The main positive is that we win the games in which the tactic is employed.....

    Not making excuses, simply attempting to understand the logic. It is maddening to me.....

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    Ummm...bullsh$t. You left 21 seconds and you had a first down against wasted 37 seconds or more. And why would you just want to take a couple of shots? Why not use down 1, down 2, and down 3 to score a touchdown. OMG...that's lame. I'm a big fan of BF too and what he's doing...but you want several shots to score a touchdown and you had timeouts but you needlessly burned time for no reason. Take the damn can always run the clock down if you get to 4th down...make sure you maximize the number of opportunities to score.

    Wow...I happen to be one of the best armchair coaches out there...and I am telling you...this is the worst answer I can think of.
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    Would have been easier to just say......... “stupid is as stupid does.” :D

    All kidding aside got to give him credit for taking responsibility for the mistake. Should have gone all the way and admitted that both situations were a mistake. Hopefully going forward lessons have been learned.
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    Extremely fair criticism on your part. Totally agree.
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    I call it the "bend but don't break" offense
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    Not only that but it limits the offensive options you have to choose from, like sneaking in a running play.
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    Rob...did anyone challenge him on the answer for the Iowa State debacle at the end of the half. Run the clock down so the other team can't score...really. Did he forget where he was on the field and that we will have a defense out there if we turn it over on downs. Hell if he would have taken a timeout with 1:04, he may have been able to run 5-6 plays...with another first down. Heck, the rules say the clock stops if you go out of could run a play to the sideline and get out of bounds to stop the clock, you know, like we did at the end of the game...FOR IOWA STATE. a minute, you may be able to run 7-8 plays...if you get a first down. Why wouldn't you treat it like you need a touchdown.

    I'm dumbfounded by the answer.
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    He glosses by the fact that after the fumble recovery they did move the ball down the field, 59 yards on 12 plays (if you take away the last 3 plays, it's 57 yards on 9 plays). He answers as if they were doing nothing the whole first half. Maybe for the middle part of the half, but on that last drive of the first half they were moving the ball, and then they let the clock become their enemy when they had timeouts. So, I think his stated premise for not trying very actively to score a TD is just not accurate.

    To me, if you aren't playing your best in the half, but you have a shot to go up 10-7 not playing your best, you should try to do it. They had ISU on their heels a little. A TD in that situation is a gut punch.
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    People just don't get that aspect of it. When O'Keefe ran the clock down at the end of the Capital One Bowl, I knew it was fine because I knew he would call his touchdown pass play, which he did, but the people I was watching the game with said some very vulgar things as that clock was winding down.
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    You could teach American history to kids in high school these days.
  13. okeefe4prez

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    Too easy. Homework for first day would be to watch Karate Kid (the original not that shitty one they did with Fresh Prince's kid) then we would spend the first 2 weeks of class watching and analyzing that Cobra Kai series on YouTubeTV. Cobra Kai has two scenes related to Iron Eagle, which I could use to describe US foreign policy in the Middle East.
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    Lol. So is he falling on the sword for Pops?

    So are we to surmise the past 20+ years of poor clock management has been the fault of our OC's?
    KOK, Davis and now JR?

    Ok. Got it. I take back all my frustration with KF and his poor clock management.

    Poor guy. The dumb luck of having every one of his OC's suck at this. ;)
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    I am surprised KF didn't send Jim Poggi's dad out there.
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    If you do that, you may give up your chance to win the game by 1 point in the end, only to get a gift of a botched punt return.
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    LSU was even more discombobulated than we were, which is why the Hail Mary worked and why it made sense not to call the timeout. They couldn't get the proper personnel in there, let alone figure out whether they were in zone or man.

    Everyone thought we would try to get into FG range and win it that way.. No one, especially LSU, though we would go for it all.
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    The "J" in Kenneth J. O'Keefe stands for "Jugular" because that is what he goes for.
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    So when he has a leg to stand on ( the Oliver Martin reply ), clear and concise. Snarky.

    When he doesn't, "yada yada yada, Rutgers was poor on my part, yada yada yada, yada yada yada Saturday we played not to lose". Rambling.

    Is there another clip coming where he's asked about the Hawks' last "drive" of the game?
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