Brohm Staying at Purdue

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Nov 28, 2018.

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    Top 20 recruiting classes, rondale moore and beating Iowa 2 yrs in a row. That’s why I’m impressed (scared)
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    We finished second. Anyway, the Miller Brewing Company out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin spent hundreds of millions of dollars attempting to settle a debate that remains unsettled to this day. Tastes great versus less filling. What say you?
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    Lol you fool that's this years pay, he didn't stay at Purdon't for the same money.

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    Good God. A million dollars per win. Six million bucks for 6-6.
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    Go to Louisville and compete in the ACC Atlantic division with the likes of Clemson, and Florida State (recent results not withstanding)......or I can stay at Purdue and compete in the BIG West, with Wisconsin, Iowa and Nebraska? Gee, this is gonna be a tough one.
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    But don't forget the degenerates think Kirk makes too much.

    Live picture of them:
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    Can you please tell us again how smart you are?
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    If you have to ask, you'll never know.
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    That is a lot of money for a program like Purdue to shell out but he's a hot commodity right now ... hotter than a Learfield Sports Mic.
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    Dude is making Chris Ash money now boys!
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    Just imagine what they will have to pay if he ever finishes 7-5
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    I bet you they win the West next year.

    I don't see Brohm as a threat to Iowa though. He is way more of a threat to Wisconsin's dominance. Once Purdue has shifted to the heavy favorite in the West that is promptly when Iowa will play them with some inspired possessed form of Iowa football and beat them. That will also be a year that we lose 3 head scratchers including 1 to a MAC team. So is the Iowa fate.
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    agreed I read this as I have higher asperations than Louisville.
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    Unless he can land at a school with a decided recruiting advantage in conference, such as OSU or USC (Cal version, not the Cocks) he should just stay put and collect that $6 million a year. If that guy wound up at LSU or Auburn, he'd get destroyed and he ain't getting the Bama job when Nick retires because that is Dabo's.
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    7-5 would have been good enough to win the West this year. NU had sealed the division before their last game with Illinois. I think they could have even won it at 6-6 because they beat all of Iowa, Wisconsin and Purdue head to head.
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    Goes to show you just how hollow of a season Iowa had this year.
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    I think they could have even won it in a 4 way tie with the head to head tiebreaker with a 5-7 record because all the teams tied for second were 5-4 in conference play. So Iowa's season wasn't that bad. Would they have gotten a bowl game at 5-8 after the conference title game?