Brown: Iowa Football Players to Watch Heading into '20 Season

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, May 31, 2020.

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    Names Hawkeye fans on which Hawkeye fans should keep an eye this coming campaign.

    From Rick Brown:

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    More Davion Nixon please. He's going to be a key too and a player to watch. He's going to get all the snaps he wants and the NFL is watching...which should be a huge motivator for him. Every snap...he can add dollars to his bank account. He has a productive year...he's a high rounder. He's big, athletic, and now he just needs to make a bigger impact and be disruptive.

    I don't know much about Campbell...but as far as I can tell...Neiman and Colbert are heads and shoulders above everyone else. If we move to CASH, it's the middle guy that comes out in my opinion. It's going to be an interesting battle for the MIKE in our base defense.

    I watched the 2015 Iowa - Minnesota game the other night on BTN. This was before the CASH position was implemented...and Leidner just picked apart the middle of the field against Jewell, Neiman, and Fisher. It was painfully obvious we needed to change. That defense won 12 games...but several teams exploited them in the passing game.
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    Why can't we just find a decent normal punter? Those Australian style punters make me nervous.
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    I still think Belton moves back to safety for Stone. Why would he not want to be an every down player? As much as we say we are sticking to the cash, you aren’t playing a 4-2-5 when Wisconsin is hammering away on the ground. Therefore I don’t think Merriweather really sees a lot of time unless he can win his job back from Koerner. I suppose maybe Merriweather could emerge at the Cash spot... that would be intriguing.

    I really like Campbell and think he can be a stud down the road. Personally though for this year I’d like to see Niemann slide inside and Jestin Jacobs replace his spot on the outside when we play 4-3.
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    "That freshman kid" LaPorta has some great hands and is going to catch a lot of passes at Iowa. Cronk and Heflin are fantastic additions to both lines.
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    I’ve said it before but I don’t think it can be understated how big it was adding those two as grad transfers, especially given our early departures to the NFL.

    We return plenty of experience on both sides of the ball.

    ISM, Smith, Tracy, Goodson, Sargent, Jackson, Linderbaum, Cronk, Kallenberger, Ragaini, LaPorta, and others with some starting experience.

    Golston, Nixon, Heflin, Colbert, Niemann, Hankins, Koerner, Belton, plus others with some degree of experience.

    That’s 19 guys listed that have a good deal of experience we should feel comfortable with plus a few more names we’ve seen (Britt, Schott, Brents, Moss, Campbell). There are always a few names that emerge each year for us as well. Overall I’m pretty excited for the roster we have in place, obviously the schedule is daunting.