California to let athletes get paid

Discussion in 'General College Football' started by tweeterhawk, Sep 30, 2019.

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    Hopefully this will force the hands of the other P5 conferences to let their athletes make money too.
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    Are USC and UCLA going to form their own separate league? Because last I heard, they were part of the NCAA and required to abide by the rules that were agreed to by all the member institutions. I have a very hard time believing that college presidents (which make up the governing body of the NCAA) are going to suddenly allow athletes to get paid. I think the NCAA is on record as saying that if USC/UCLA do that, they will be barred from playing in NCAA sanctioned events.
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    It's the neighboring teams located in Oregon and Washington who draw nearly all of their talent from CA who will be hurt by this the most. Their pipeline suddenly went dry, so look for state legislators and governors from those states to follow suit, along with Nevada and possibly Arizona. What that starts to look like is many teams in the PAC 12 will have players getting paid, but very likely their conference champ won't be playing in any NCAA post-season games. And life goes on.