Can't seem to send PM's

Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by Golfer, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Golfer

    Golfer Well-Known Member

    My preference is to answer some posts more privately than a public post, but perhaps I'm not at the level of membership where I can send pm's.

    I can respond, or at least i could when I was getting 30 a day during the KoK debacle, but tried to address something today, and there is nothing in my sent folder.

    Not a huge issue to me, but I am curious.
  2. knighthawk13

    knighthawk13 Well-Known Member

    JD decided if you carry a handicap above 8, no PM's for you!
  3. JonDMiller

    JonDMiller Publisher/Founder

    There is a mailbox size limit. Could be that
  4. racerhawk

    racerhawk Well-Known Member

    I got your PMs later. So, they worked. I just was super busy today and didn't read them.
  5. gohawkz

    gohawkz Well-Known Member

    I just got your pm as well.

    And no, I do NOT want to make out. Sicko.
  6. Tmoney12

    Tmoney12 Well-Known Member

    Got your pm Golfer and I will gladly join you in a Kinnick suite this season
  7. imported_ankle23

    imported_ankle23 Well-Known Member

    got mine too - i appreciate the golf invite to Augusta, but my schedule is pretty full.
  8. Igothawked

    Igothawked Well-Known Member

    I got your PM too, all expense paid golf trip to Hawaii does sound good. Count me in.
  9. Thanks for the PM, Golfy. Sorry to say, my wife and I are not interested in joining your S&M swingers club. Maybe try good10; I hear he likes to ride dirty.
  10. Golfer

    Golfer Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone.