CFP Ranks-Ask yourself how many pts would Big 12 teams give up in Madison, Evanston

Discussion in 'Football' started by uihawk82, Nov 13, 2015.

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    We will know more by 10 PM Saturday night but dont listen to the noise from espn, cowherd etc. I have watched enough of the touch football defensive mentality of the Big 12 to know Baylor, Texas Tech, Okie St would have trouble holding down Wisconsin's offense in Madison. Wisky's defense would lay some lumber on these teams they are not used to from the other side of the ball.

    Also, Wisky's offensive line would probably cut thru these big 12 defenses like hot knife ...

    These CFP rankers are not taking into account Iowa's defense enough to go along with Iowa's offense and special teams.

    I will be back to this thread Sunday after all the national results.