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  1. Hawk1960

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    Updated numbers on Stanley after week 3 that continue to chip away at the old narrative that no longer applies ...

    Selected career college QB Stats:

    Hall of Famers:

    Drew Brees 61.1% completion/90 TDs/ 45 INTs/ 2.00 TD/INT ratio
    Tom Brady 61.9% completion/30 TDs/17 INTs/ 1.76 TD/INT ratio
    Joe Montana 52.0% completion/25 TDs/15 INTs/ 1.67 TD/INT ratio
    Brett Favre 52.4% completion/52 TDs/34 INTs/ 1.53 TD/INT ratio
    Dan Marino 57.6% completion/79 TDs/69 INTs/ 1.14 TD/INT ratio

    Iowa QBs:

    Nate Stanley 58.3% completion/58 TDs/16 INTs/ 3.62TD/INT ratio
    CJ Beathard 58.1% completion/40 TDs/19 INTs/ 2.10 TD/INT ratio
    Drew Tate 61.0% completion/61 TDs/34 INTs/ 1.79 TD/INT ratio
    Chuck Long 64.9% completion/70 TDs/46 INTs/ 1.52 TD/INT ratio

    He is also breaking the narrative that Iowa QBs "do not progress" as they gain experience. He's progressed every year in completion %, average yds per attempt, and QB rating.

    Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 7.42.45 AM.png
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  2. NikeHawk21

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    For some reason everyone always wants to talk about the bad plays with Stanley, but I thought he played pretty darn well.

    -Ripped that throw into ISM on the third and long. Not many college QBs can make that throw.

    -Used his feet to extend drives on a few occasions. Seems he has a better feel this year when to tuck it and run where in the past he would have taken a sack. This was one of the area I said he needed to develop this year. So far pretty good.

    -Brandon Smith should have caught that ball for a touchdown. Not an easy catch but a catch a WR, especially a “possession” receiver should make for his QB.
  3. Northside Hawk

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    That throw to ISM was pivotal. It was after the intentional grounding and we were about to give the ball back already down 14-6.

    Instead we got a field goal out of the drive. Monumentality huge third and forever conversion.
  4. PawkHawk1

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    That throw to ISM is proof that he has progressed greatly this year.
    Last year, in big games, he really struggled.
    He is 1-0 in the big games so far this year.
    Stanley won that game for us last night.
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  5. ShockHawk22

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    I’m not trying to complain about the refs I’m just curious to why is it still grounding if the defender hits the QBs arm? That obviously affects the throw. Never understood
  6. NikeHawk21

    NikeHawk21 Well-Known Member

    That was a horrible call. If a QB is winding up to throw and gets crushed and the ball doesn’t get back to the line but his arm is going forward it’s simply an incomplete pass. They blew that call.
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  7. Jonrn

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    Meh, correct those weren’t great throws, but not even Brady and Rodgers complete every screen and downfield throw. The big one to me was the throw to Brandon smith in the end zone which was a bit high, but catchable. An NFL WR catches that ball.

    Stanley makes some great throws. The throw to nico was a bit of a lolly pop, I’ll give you that.
  8. 1980HAWKFAN

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    All this talk of Nate missing wide open receivers is nonsense, in fact just plain dumb. But nice try. By the way Hawks in a close one. Go Hawks
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  9. WinOneThisCentury

    WinOneThisCentury Well-Known Member

    That's must be the rule and it's a bad one. There is nothing in the rule book to state if the QB was hit when throwing? That's the only way I can explain it...otherwise that's not grounding. His arm was going forward with the ball secure...he just got hit that impacted how far it went.
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  10. WinOneThisCentury

    WinOneThisCentury Well-Known Member

    The pass to Ragaini in the end zone was terrible. The pass to Smith should have been caught...he got both hands on it...the defender just slapped his arm...but Smith makes that play 95% of the time. The odd thing is that he didn't jump...he leaves his feet...he protects himself.

    It's about winning...and leading your team. Stanley is money so far this year. I think the wait impacted him a bit after the first weather delay. He came out flat and went 2-9 right after the weather break. He got it together and made critical plays down the stretch. I think it's a different Stanley this year. He may have tanked after struggling with accuracy coming back in the second quarter...but he played well in the second half.
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  11. uihawk82

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    Agree on Nate and most of these items. That was a laser guided missile on 3rd and 23 iirc perfectly on ISM. He showed he can do the checkdowns and put the ball on the receiver better than he has done the last two years.

    The first drive he made some really good throws. He still tends to be a little high sometimes and more coaching and work on this will increase his accuracy. How many so so average Bball shooters in college become great shooters in the NBA because they practice all the time as their job.

    I am not blaming Brandon Smith on not catching a catchable ball as it looked like Smith was just in between strides to get enough jump to the ball. And there was a big rush at Nate's feet when he sort of lobbed that ball to Nico that got batted away. I think if Nate could have really stepped into that throw it would have been another laser beam.

    Right now Nate is progressing.
  12. deanvogs

    deanvogs Well-Known Member

    Purdy played a good football game vs the Hawks, BUT STILL DID THE FOLLOWING:

    1) Missed the TE in the endzone for an easy TD
    2) Fumbled the ball scrambling and cost them points and gave Iowa points
    3) Fell down late to lose 3 yards vs Iowa in the backfield that led to that 4th and 13 at the end of the game
    4) missed several other passes.

    Those that just pick out the bad plays a QB makes are ****ing idiots, it is so tiring.
  13. ssckelley

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    Iowa wins by double digits if Stanley doesn’t over throw his receivers on the deep pass yesterday. His completion percentage will always look good because Ferentz calls a lot of short passes.
  14. Northside Hawk

    Northside Hawk Well-Known Member

    I don't think short passes have anything to do with his completion percentage. He misses as many short passes as other ones. But he hits big throws as well, all over the field. He is just a maddening, polarizing figure, not just game to game but drive to drive. On the TD drive he made great throws and great decisions. On the final FG drive he was lucky he wasn't picked, especially the post pattern to Nico in the end zone where he never saw the safety.

    When the games on the line and Nate is piloting the mothership, keep the Maalox handy. It's going to be a spectacular ride one way or the other.
  15. homes

    homes Well-Known Member

    There will always be those that say, Yeah but he should throw at a 70% clip, with 1700 yards and 20 TDS. It all depends on the narrative you’re trying to create.
  16. ibahawkeye

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    Give me Stanley over Beathard which I know will be an unpopular opinion.

    He might not be as mobile, he might not throw as good of a deep ball but I will give credit to Stanley about making some big throws in big situations.

    OT last year vs ISU, the 3rd down conversion to TJ, last night on 3rd and long.
  17. Northside Hawk

    Northside Hawk Well-Known Member

    That pass to TJ was on fourth down. A gutsy call and gutsy execution considering that turning the ball over on downs to a Nebraska team with momentum at that stage probably would have resulted in a loss. That throw and catch were pure ice water.
  18. ibahawkeye

    ibahawkeye Well-Known Member

    Yes, my bad!!
  19. kameltoez102

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    I think he needs to reassess his thought process on how he throws the deep ball. He tries to get too much air under it and with his arm strength it is a tough throw to gauge. If he can just laser it in there it would help a lot I think. That 3rd Down throw was about as good as you could do it and there were very few Qbs playing any game yesterday that could make that same pass.

    Last week had a good example to Brandon Smith where he overthrew him into the end zone but looking at the angles and length of pass he didn’t need that much air. What I am pleased with is for the most part he has good ball placement where only the receiver can catch it. The problem has been on some of them the receivers let it hit off their hands and pop in the air
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  20. WinOneThisCentury

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    I'm more worried about the fact that our coaching staff can't manage end of half and game situation any better than they do after being in the business for 40 years than I am Stanley missing a deep ball now and again. It's early in the season...let's see if he settles down on the long ball a bit. He's rushed a few of those long balls and the result is a 10 yard overthrow. He either feels pressure or just gets excited. The good news is that yesterday...he stood in under pressure in several throws and threw strikes.

    My do you not manage the clock any better than that if you are a veteran coach. Does no one on the headset's say, "we need to take a timeout now". If everyone on the headsets is a "yes" man...then we have a problem. That's two weeks in a row that they have screwed the pooch on the end of half clock and left timeouts on the board.

    The late screen/short play to Weiting was to the short side of the field. Anything that has a chance to end up out of bounds...shouldn't be called. Come on...he had no where to go. Just run the damn ball if you want to be conservative...but if you are going to strap on a pair of on the play design a bit better. I would have rather seen us come out 5 wide and find a short throw that Stanley completes 80% of...those are there.
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