Chiefs interested in convicted rapist


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That probably got your attention. Linebacker Brian Banks has a truly compelling story. At the age of 16 Brian went behind the stairwell at his school and kissed a girl named Wanetta Gibson. Wanetta accused Brian of rape though there was no dna evidence or witness. However, Banks' rent a lawyer told him that being black would lead to a conviction no matter what and he would spend 40 years in jail, so he should take a plea. Banks said no multiple times. However, he finally succumbed to his lawyers wishes, probably scared to spend 40 years behind bars. After spending 5 years in and 5 years with an ankle monitor, he is supposed "victim" came out and said she had lied. Now, trying to make the most with his second chance at life, Banks, the once highly touted linebacker in high school (who had a shcolarship to USC) is not trying to get back to football. Chiefs What a truly inspirational story... He will most likely do a workout with the Chiefs, seahawks, redskins and dolphins. Btw that girl Wanetta needs to do 10 years.

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