Chris Street segment on BTN's The Journey

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by storminspank, Jan 28, 2013.

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    Boy could this team use a Chris Street. The fist pumping after the Winters dunk over Grant Hill is classic.
  3. hawkeyebob62

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    Watched it again this morning. Not sure why, after 20 years, I STILL cry when I see or read any in-depth stories. I guess because of "what might have been?" and because he was such a good kid...
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    It was a great night. Love this team and this group of players - we're going to make a run yet this year!
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    My boss, who knows little to nothing about Iowa basketball saw this and asked me about it, I gave him a little history on it.

    His comment was it would be great if one of my kids could ever impact a coach in that manner when he saw the part with Gary Close. He said that is the kind of thing sports needs to focus on more, how players impact programs because as he said: "seemed like just a great person, not just basketball player."

    My wife also didn't know much about Street was crying during the show the other night. The more people know about this the more they take interest and ask questions. When I have talked about Street, basketball was always second, it just started with the type of person he was.
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    Finally went to Scheel's and grabbed a few of the 40 shirts for me and my family. Last night was pry better than the 40 Forever piece just based on the fact how much interaction it had with the Streets during and after the game. Fran did a phenomenal job including them in this.