CJ Beathard needs to fine tune his game

Discussion in 'Professional Sports' started by HomerChampless, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. HomerChampless

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    The SF fans need to back him more. The SF head coach needs to back him more.
    Winning will solve all those problems.

    CJ needs to learn how to slide when he's running. CJ needs to maneuver himself better in the pocket. Keep his head up for possibility of pass even when defensive linemen are closing around him and step up in the pocket, for examples.

    CJ needs to realize all the players in the NFL have talent equal to his so he can't just succeed on talent alone.
    He needs to learn to play poker when he's playing QB. Pass fakes, head fakes, not being predictable, for examples.

    CJ has the arm strength and talent to make it in the NFL.

    On a side note: Green Bay's defense is bad. Green Bay is bad.
    Don't think CJ will light it up every week like he did against Green Bay.
  2. Northside Hawk

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    Green Bay is very lucky they're not 0-5 right now. Their wins were losable games against Chicago and SF. They have a tie against Minnesota that would have been a loss if the Vikings kicker wasn't missing field goals.

    There are rumblings in Wisconsin that Rodgers and McCarthy aren't seeing eye to eye and, that like Peyton Manning, Rodgers is his own OC and HC. Those rumblings have been somewhat muffled by the Milwaukee Brewers postseason run, but if this continues, those rumblings will get louder a hurry the moment the Brewers season ends.