CJ Fredrick Patterns His Game After...

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by RobHowe, Jun 27, 2019.

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    Clearly the kid knows his history. That's great and everything, but can he be Isiah Moss 2.0 or anything close to it?
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    In this day and age, it's almost unfathomable that a young guy his age would mention Pistol Pete.

    Easily one of the most under-discussed basketball stars of all time. He had it all - handles, quicks, lightening fast release, creativity and uncanny accuracy. Tragic story.

    If CJ can even come close to Pistol's game, I'll be a life-long fan.
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    Here's our full interview with Fredrick:

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    Great job Rob. That was a great discussion with CJ. Bringing up The Pistol was a little unexpected...but showed some game respect. This kid comes across as a gamer to me. Iowa needs another guy like that to compliment Bohannon, Weiskamp, and Garza. Getting Pemsl back is also going to be a boost to the court attitude. Should be fun to watch. We need guys that can knock down shots under pressure in late game situations...that's what this kid did in high school.

    Wow...25 pounds. That's crazy for a basketball player. How tall is he? 6'5"?
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    I would take Pistol Pete 0.2.

    Hopefully he plays defense better than Maravich did.
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    Maravich was a cross between Danny Ainge and Jason Williams. Or maybe Ainge and Steve Nash. An offensive talent who was worth the price of admission.
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    Maravich was living in the Oklahoma City area in the late eighties, may have been involved in church leagues. Iowa played Illinois State and Oral Roberts in a two day tournament there during one of the BJ/Roy/Eddie years. He was, I believe, on the board of directors for the tournament and was interviewed at halftime of one of Iowa's games. He collapsed and died during a pickup game literally hours later. He was forty years old.
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    We are gonna have a fun but young team this year, curb your expectations accordingly, but this team might be fun to watch. Gonna be a journey.
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    Dahl, I will slightly disagree. We are young at spots, but veteran at others. We have four upperclassmen postmen who have all started in their careers, so we will be very veteran in the post. If Weiskamp is not all-conference this year, he will be in the conversation. He has a mature game. I am predicting Connor to start at the point. This is his 3rd year on campus, and the 20th year in his father's program. He has the basketball soul of a 35 year old. The term "crafty veteran" will be used early and often this year regarding CMc.

    That really just leaves the other wing spot as one where there is truly no experience and its an unknown. That spot, and the back-up PG position, will determine this team's worth, IMHO. This team has the potential to be as bad as two years ago, or as good or better than last year. I am predicting the latter. Should be a fun ride.
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    hhmmm, let's see, adds 25 lbs of strength which also makes him quicke, models his game after Pistol Pete and wants to be a good, all-around player; shooting, ball handling, passing, defense it's easy to be excited about CJ and his game.

    When you read the articles about his high school game and how hard he worked to improve you could tell he had the love of the game and would be willing to do what's necessary to get better.

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    I saw a video of Maravich after his playing days showing a camp what he did for ball handling drills etc. It was a strenuous drill and after he completes it...he's huffing and sucking air like crazy. It's a shame someone didn't recognize there was an issue with his heart.

    The pistol brought some serious fun to the NBA game.
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    I was in high school when Pistol Pee was playing at LSU. There was nobody like him.......ever.

    Nobody has mentioned that he is still the #1 all-time leading scorer in Div 1 history. He scored 3667, still more than 400 points than #2. He averaged 44.2 points per game for his career.

    Yes, just a little bit of CJ moedling his game after the Pistol would go long way.
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    Cook gone, Moss gone, Dailey gone, and Bo out from surgery. “as good or better”........... seriously??? Did we finally leave the Big Ten conference?

    Guard play has been a major challenge for our team especially on the defensive end of the court. If the new guys can at least guard then that could have a significant affect on the over all team. The loss of Cook, Moss, and Bo is going to significant on the offensive side of the court, but on the defensive side I will agree that in THAT respect we could actually be better. If we are worse then it could be really ugly.
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    Looking forward to see what he can do. Obviously he has worked on the strength part of coming to college. 25 pounds should help. We definitely have a need for him to step up.

    I'm hoping the defense improves as discussed because the offense is taking a step back more than likely. Teams are going to key in on Weiskamp this year. That will be an adjustment for him. I think he can handle it.
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    And he did it in three years because freshmen were ineligible then and he did it with no shot clock or three point line.

    That record is safe for a while. Like through eternity. Anyone who would be good enough to average 44.2 ppg for ONE season against today's defenses wouldn't stick around for a second year, let alone a third.

    An another note, he could have challenged the output of Lickliter's Iowa teams all by himself. With a four year career Maravich would have challenged 5,000 points.
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    I get losing Bohannon, Baer, Cook, & Moss is going to impact us in alot of areas. The more I thought about this though...there are scenarios where if players step up...you could argue we are better on both ends of the court. Hear me out.

    If Pemsl and Nunge come back a better version of themselves, stronger, more experienced, and motivated...then you could argue that these two make up for the loss of Cook. I think they are easily as good defensively...maybe better rebounders, Nunge brings a 3 point shot to the mix...and a high basketball IQ. Pemsl brings attitude and work ethic. The other wildcard to me is Ryan Kreiner. If he improves in all areas...this guy can shoot it...he put it on the deck last year...and he battles. With Garza, Pemsl, Nunge, & Kreiner, I personally think we are much better in the front court going into next year.

    Losing both Bohannon and Moss is a killer. No doubt this is the biggest question mark. Huge. That being said, Connor Mac was a freshman last year. He showed what he can bring to the table...a big physical guard who will take smaller players to the basket...and will rebound. He can run the show...but he has to be able to shoot...teams will sag on him until he shows he can hurt them with the 3 ball.

    Then you throw in the combination of Toussaint and CJ...this is where it gets interesting. Toussaint brings something Iowa just hasn't had in a long time...a tough, quick, facilitator on the offensive end and an aggressive defensive guard on the other end who can stop penetration. Something tells me CJ is going to make us forget about Moss's shooting. He's a gamer...you just get that feeling. Moss leaving may also have something to do with CJ having to get playing time. With Toussaint penetrating and having CJ, Weiskamp, and Nunge sitting on the 3 point line...well...someone's going to be open if Toussaint can consistently draw help defense.

    To me...next year is an interesting year and could surprise alot of people.
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    We've upgraded our NonCon. There's opportunities there.

    We're going to have to finish better than 10-10 in conference play next year to make the dance., The B1G, on paper, looks much weaker than last year.
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    I just don't see the argument that because we lost three starters, we can't be better.

    The team will be different, I will not debate you there. But, they are not foreclosed from being better.

    As I have posted elsewhere, I think Moss could end up being addition by subtraction. Yes, he was a three year starter, but at times he disappeared and at times he did not play. The 2 has been the weakest position since Jok left. No debate. Just not enough production and defense. Are the 2 guys replacing him better? That is the question.

    WinOne amplified my point on the front court. I think we are as good, if not better there, even without Cook.

    Losing Jabo is the hardest pill to swallow. No doubt. The team will have to win with a facilitator, not a scorer at the point. But, in fairness, the other four positions can all put the ball in the hoop. So, as I said, this team could be better, or it could be a lot worse than last year. Its just a different team.
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    It helps when your dad is the coach. Oops, did I say that out loud? :)
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