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    I think one thing this year has shown. No more 11-12 player rotations.

    Bohannon would be another threat from the outside. They could always have 2 of the 3 in there if not all three. That would give Garza even more room to work inside.
  2. ssckelley

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    Unfortunately I gotta disagree with you here. I’m almost certain Fran will trot JBo out there back at the starting point guard position and I’ll be bitching about it (just a forewarning).

    I can’t see Fran making JBo a bench player even though I think it would be the best move.
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    Bitch away- it’s an embarrassment of shooting riches. Three premium shooters matters. Doesn’t really matter who starts. Coach will give Bohannon 25 minutes a game at the 1 or 2. The guy is a weapon.
    He can spell JT at the 1 and plays well along side Connor.
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    JBo isn’t coming back for his senior year to come off the bench but honestly, I like the idea of him being the 6th man. Keeps strongest Defensive lineup on the floor and adds to bench scoring. He’ll be on the floor late due to FT shooting.

    I would guess that we see Joe T go back to bench. That still gives him 2 full years to start at PG.
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  5. ssckelley

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    I can agree with this, I do see JB being floated back and forth as this is how he was being used before he shut it down and I do agree he is an offensive weapon. My point is that there is no way that Fran will not have him in the starting lineup.
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    Do you think as of right now Joe T is a better all around player than Jbo?
  7. ssckelley

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    I'm not sure, obviously JBo is the better shooter but JoeT is way better defensively and I like his quickness bringing the ball down & being able to penetrate. It depends on the situation on which one I'd want in the game, if it's late in the game and I need a 3 then JBo is my guy but on defense I'm switching him out for JoeT.
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    It's going to be interesting in late game situations because yes, we certainly could utilize Joe T on the Defensive end but we also will want Joe B on the floor for FT shooting. I'm sure we'll do some O/D substituting late in the games.
  9. Fryowa

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    There's obviously only one way to find out, but I don't think Bohannon gets even anywhere near a majority of Toussaint's minutes, especially if this season continues to roll the way it has been. He'll get the nod late in games to shoot freebies, but he's going to be the 6th man. Toussaint's points and assists per 100 are almost identical to Bohannon's career numbers, and he's miles ahead of Bohannon on the defensive end. I just don't get all the jock riding with JB when stats say there are better options. Is it the clutch threes that get stuck in people's minds? Because if so, people need to remember that his garbage defense offsets most of those threes.
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    Everybody step back and see what we're arguing here about Iowa's basketball team.

    Is this dead-eye shooter's ballsack bigger than this other dead-eye shooter's ballsack?

    Did we ever think we'd see the day...
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    If Wieskamp turns pro, then CMac essentially moves to the 3 for majority of minutes and JBo, JoeT and CJF get majority of minutes at the 1 and 2. Things are much more complicated if Wieskamp does come back. I want Wieskamp back next year but if he leaves, the rotation issues at the 1 and 2 will not be as complicated. Also keep in mind that CJF, JoeT, Wieskamp and CMac are playing very heavy minutes many nights. Also with Fran comitting more heavily to zone defense this year, I think JBo being a weaker defender is negated slightly.
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    as much as i like CJF's game, which i believe is way more well rounded than JBo's, JBo is hands down a better shooter. what we're going to be looking at next season is a situation where it really doesn't matter who the "starters" are. CJF doesn't start now, but he's on the floor as much as anyone. but if fran is using this time before next season to come up with solid plays, a la IU & alford, and JBo can get into that kind of shape to run his azz off to run through 4, 5 or 6 screens, we're looking at an offense that will have at least two (close to) 45% 3 pt shooters. but if you want to talk about starters, then JBo has earned the right to start. but i honestly don't think it will matter.
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    I personally think Jbo as 6th man would make the most sense because we have plenty of offensive firepower in our starting 5. I don’t think Toussaint is better than Jbo, at least not yet. From a minutes standpoint we should be fine.

    Joe T 25 / Jbo 15
    CJF 30 / Jbo 10
    Wieskamp 30 / McCaffery(s) 10

    That’s 30 for Wieskamp and CJ, and 25 for Joe T and Jbo.

    This is really quite a stupid thread. OP thinking he’s some trailblazer for saying CJF is better than Bohannon, that’s not a bold take at all. CJF is really freaking good. The thing is Bohannon has played most of his career at PG while CJF plays SG.
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    I think that minutes breakdown is perfect. I guy who isn't good on defense but is great on offense doesn't deserve more than 25 minutes (a 5th year senior who is healthy for the first time might surprise us on defense) and a second year starter with turnover issues dosen't deserve more minutes than 25 (he could improve in that area or hit a sophomore slump). Wieskamp and CJ are too good to not play 30 minutes. Our rotation is perfect excluding all the incoming freshmen. Plenty of minutes for everyone.
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    Are you new here? Hate to break it to you but this place was custom built for stupid.

    I know it's a long way up there to that high horse you 're on, but don't forget you're an upper-middle aged dude spending a significant part of every day posting on a message board dedicated to teenagers you’ve never met playing games with a bouncy ball.

    Jesus Christ, man.
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    What a hot take worthy of its own thread.
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    My guess is it'll be between CM and Nunge for that 5th spot. They could even play that by ear depending on who they are playing against matchup wise.
    If JBo is healthy he'll be in there for as much as he can handle. And it'll be glorious.
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    Who’s on their high horse? I called a thread on a message board stupid. It’s really that simple, and nothing personal.

    I post on here becuase I like talking about Iowa basketball? Now I have someone who posts on the same message board knocking me for posting on the message board. Good stuff.

    Happy Monday.
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    He runs the O pretty well. Just being out there as a 3rd shooter has a huge affect on how the opponent has to play you. Garza would love that flexibility to have 3 shooters on the floor 2 of them that can cut to the rim. Yeah his D had been really bad. But with playing zone as much as we do you can hide him to a degree. I see the analytical point you're making. What we think probably won't matter too much in that what Fran will probably do is what most think. JBo will start and if he's playing well he'll play a lot.