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  1. Fryowa

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    I'm not upset, just giving shit back where shit is due.


  2. ibahawkeye

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    Hard for me to quantify JBo tho on offense. The shots, the timing of those shots but also the spacing on the floor and the impact that provides his teammates.

    I see JBo splitting between 1-2. The other luxury is CJ and Joe are both good defenders and will be tasked with the tougher guard while on the floor with Jordan.

    JBo/Joe T

    The Perkins kid is one I think might be able to help right away as well or at least add further depth.
  3. PCHawk

    PCHawk Well-Known Member

    Jbo is also really good at feeding the post, which will help Garza.
  4. ssckelley

    ssckelley Well-Known Member

    If it comes down to free throw shooting then you want Toussaint out there as well, so far he's an 80% FT shooter. So it will make a difference if Iowa is playing with the lead or trying to come from behind.
  5. homes

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    Given the array of opinions on this matter, any chance the Big 10 would allow Iowa to play 6 guys at the same time? It would solve a lot of our internal discussions.
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  6. CP87

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    I think a lot of the poor defense the last few years was directly related to JBo. Not necessarily lack of talent (though that is a factor), but he was one of the main perpetrators on things like not getting back after a miss, or hanging his head following a turnover instead of busting back.

    I think those mental aspects will be better if/when he comes back next year. The team has a clear mentality of toughness that he will need to get on board with. He will also be carrying less offensive burden, which should allow him to give more on the other end.

    Anyone can be a serviceable defender if they want to bad enough, including JBo.
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  7. MelroseHawkins

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    I don't think we need to state which is better. Both are solid. Jo Bo's made some very clutch end-of-game baskets. CJF is good and has a good overall game. Just be happy Iowa has both and depth. How valuable the luxury of having a sharpshooter Fran can go to to complete that 3 headed monster if one is off for a night. That is valuable. Fran will find minutes.
  8. PCHawk

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    If Bohannon is 100% healthy next year, I think we will see huge improvements out of him on defense. Partly because he's healthy, partly because he's smarter and it's his last go around, and partly because the talent and team desire around him rubbing off on him.
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  9. mopkins

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    Such a cryptic post for him...don't really get it. Was he doing that on purpose?
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  10. CP87

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    I was wondering the same thing. Kept peeking at twitter to see if there was some big news coming out. It was probably nothing, but it was a bit weird.
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  11. HawkGold

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    JBo was a threat 25 feet out. That drew defense out. Connor draws defenses in

    Simple geometry. The difference is Godzgarzilla.
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  12. ssckelley

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    It didn't leave me a good feeling about him coming back next year. Perhaps he's hanging them up.
  13. Knight78

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    I'm not so sure that if Cook were on the team that Garza would be having the same season. By not having Cook on the floor and having the 4 guard lineup we have, there's a LOT of space for Garza to operate. If Cook were on the floor there would be another big defending down low as Cook's man never really left the lane; heck, opponents let Cook shoot from the free throw line without defending him.

    So there would be one more defender in the lane and one less shooter on the floor. As bad as Connor shot last year he was light years ahead of Cook in shooting the three; this year, even more so.
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  14. Knight78

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    Well, defensively there's no comparison. Joe T is quickly becoming a lock-down defender. JBo will likely never be that. Joe T is happy bringing the ball up, penetrating the defense and setting people up and taking the occasional shot. JBo will get his shots and is a willing passer but he won't be the penetrator and will likely want to shoot more often. At this point, Joe T sometimes is forced into taking the shot when the shot clock is winding down, which right now is unavoidable. JBo relishes that moment. Both should be on the floor at the end of games for their ballhandling and free throw shooting, although JBo has the proven edge in FT%.

    I'd like to think that Fran will play the one that the situation calls for, barring foul trouble.
  15. #1DieHardHawk

    #1DieHardHawk Well-Known Member

    If Bohannon is healthy, he'll start. The way Fran rolls, that's a given.

    Here's the thing, though: Bohannon has a knack for making the big shot at the right time, BUT, to do so, he needs to be in the flow of the game with the ball in his hand the majority of the time. I'm not convinced at all that he could be that dagger off the bench. It's just not in his makeup. He probably needs to log heavy minutes to be that clutch player we expect, and that means sacrificing on the defensive end.

    In other words, to get the most out of him, we will have to put up with the defensive liabilities. I don't think we'll reap much in terms of rewards with J-Bo serving as a late-game specialist off the bench.
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    Wrong and Idiotic!

    Edit - Forgot offensive.
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    How am I wrong, Sweetheart? If you’re going to go all exclamation point on me at least nut up and tell me where I’m wrong.

    This is a message board of guys in their 40s, 50s, and on up spending part of every single day posting about teenagers playing dumb games. Myself included.

    I’m thinking you’re offended because you’re embarrassed to be one of them.
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    Better yet, let Bohannon be an offensive only player and Toussaint be defense only. They just have to trade of at half court. If the NCAA doesn't allow it then they obviously just are biased against Iowa.
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    I'm living vicariously through them.
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