Clayborn 1st team AA by AFCA

Discussion in 'Football' started by hawkfan2679, Nov 29, 2010.

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    Link to follow...keep getting the "Post needs to be approved by moderator..." nonsense.
  2. hawkfan2679

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  3. Xerxes

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    Congrats AC. Good luck in the NFL.
  4. TChawk

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    I am guessing the voters never saw him play this year.
  5. Bigtenchamp

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    I appreciate Adrians great year last year - but this is a classic case of name recognition.... like all year when I heard our defense line was the "best" in the nation... those of us watching all the games definatley knew that wasnt true.
  6. tm3308

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    Congrats AC! I'm surprised as well, simply because Watt and Kerrigan both had better statistical years, and made big plays for their team in the big games this year. And that's just in the Big Ten.
  7. edr247

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    Well, congrats to AC, but what is this based off of?

    BLKNGOLD48 Well-Known Member

    Pre-season HYPE.
  9. HawkeyeMike23

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    Way to go Adrian! You were the most overrated DL in the country from begining of the year to the end.
  10. hawkfan2679

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    Here's a quote from the article that made me laugh a bit:

    Because we all know that the coaches are using all their free time making sure they make the best selections on who should be an all-american...especially since the SEC coaches get to see so much B10 football and vice versa.