Clone reporter calls JBO “trash”

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Scott Leclair, Dec 13, 2019.

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    I have a lot less of a problem with the flexing and kiss blowing....but the shoes at half court....its the exact same idea as T Owens and the Dallas midfield logo stomp/ball placement. It was widely viewed as poor sportsmanship and continues to be a reason he was delayed on the hall of fame. I'd guess a very small minority finds that incident to be an acceptable act. The kid that planted the flag in a college football game last year. Dont take my word for it if you want to compare JBo to the following general ideas on sportsmanship.... Screenshot_20191215-212242_Chrome.jpg
  2. proudhawkfan21

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    Boyfriend. Way to back track. Implied or exhaulted, you understand who you are as a human being.
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    I don't know.... what DID Kirk do... when Akrum Wadley did his celebrations after TDs? What did Kirk do when several of the punt team players were celebrating after the punt went off the Cyclone player's back and Iowa recovered? What did Kirk do when all of the linemen celebrated when Stanley ran a QB sneak for a TD in the ISU game?
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    It’s the hypocrisy, arrogance and the”my shit don’t stink” and I’m better then everyone stance your buddy has. Many folks have issues with. Has even responded to me on Twitter complaining about JBOs trashy and sportsmanship gestures and how he would never do such a thing. Yet he tweets how he should “kneecap” a player on the sideline because he doesn’t like his antics.
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    That's great. You can have issues with him. But it's still his opinion. No one should cry about whether he can share his opinion. In this case. He's spot on. An unsportsmanlike act is classless and trashy. I don't care if you like him or approve of him.
  6. proudhawkfan21

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    Which one of them ran to the logo and took his shoes off and mocked the opposing team? Ever? I'll wait for your example. Was Wadley in KF doghouse for a lot of his career? Did Wadley make it in the pros? Do a lot of Hawks? Yep. Soooo......what is your point?
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    For anyone arguing my points....

    He is entitled to his opinion

    It was an unsportsmanlike act.

    I don't care about what other people do. Doesnt make it right. This isnt 2nd grade. My only two points and there's no valid argument against either. He IS allowed his opinion, it was an unsportsmanlike act. Keep arguing though.
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    You have to be gay to be a boyfriend? You are so weird.
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    Give me one example of a basketball team that shows good sportsmanship, according to your previous examples.

    You are right about something, jbo was the first. You're pretty stupid if you don't think you'll see this again from other teams. A trend has just been set. Your boyfriend is going to be pretty busy calling out all of the trash.
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    Kinnda all over the place fella.
  11. Scott Leclair

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    So your friend is entitled to is opinion and
    in your opinion it was unsportsmanlike. In your buddy’s opinion it was trashy.
    In your opinion he is “spot on” and JBO act was classless and trashy. Doesn’t mean you are correct
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    I'm gonna try and simplify this for you. You're correct, he's entitled to his opinion just like you are. What you're missing here is that everyone is in fact entitled to their own opinion. 99% of the ppl on this board don't share yours and your boyfriends in this regard. Just give up...
  13. Scott Leclair

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    ProudHawk doesn’t answer questions when you prove Him wrong.
    BTW, you still haven’t shown how KF punished Keith Duncan for blowing a kiss to the Nebraska sideline. Because KF would never allow a classless, unsportsmanlike act happen. Let us all know if Duncan will be available for the bowl game..
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    The dude is a class act tool, only a idiot would try to call Jbo what he did after all the bs his own CLOWNS have pulled over the years....maybe he just needs to get a clue and grow up!
  15. deanvogs

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    In your opinion it was unsportsmanlike, and you are entitled to your opinion. The rest of us see it as fun, he is just doing something his friend Monte Morris was going to do, and now he is using it to raise thousands for the Children's Hospital.
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    He is entitled to his opinion, but...He is a hypocrite if he has not made similar commentary in regard to ISU players who have done similar. Unless you can prove to me that he has, then he is nothing more than a Cyclone homer who is having a very hard time dealing with ISU getting beat on a regular basis in every sport that matters.
  17. blubberhawk

    blubberhawk Well-Known Member

    That's not the question..The question is "how did Bruns respond to those actions"?
  18. BryceC

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    Yeah, I just can't imagine getting this worked up over this stuff. It's fine. It's supposed to be fun. And I guarantee the players care a lot less about this than some fans do.
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  19. BryceC

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    Monte is playing his third year in the league. Bohannon was a freshman during the only game he played against Morris. Been sitting on that one a long time.
  20. PCHawk

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    Of course proudhawk's boyfriend is entitled to his opinion. But when you state your opinion, people are entitled to have the opinion that your opinion sucks, and then bash that opinion.
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