Clone reporter calls JBO “trash”

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Scott Leclair, Dec 13, 2019.

  1. deanvogs

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    I doubt he has been "sitting" on it. More likely with the game coming up he realized that if Iowa wins, he is 3-1 vs ISU and he could do what Monte couldn't with a win.
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    If Monte does it, that would have been harmless, just like Jordan doing it was harmless. The crowd was gone, he wasn't trying to showboat in front of ISU fans. You always have a fringe element though that get offended by everything, and in this case it is a few ISU fans, Ben Bruns, and @proudhawkfan21 that were offended.
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    Come on guys....Proudhawk wants to protect his buddy. His buddy said something stupid and he's going to go to the ends of the earth to defend him and give us a lesson in sportsmanship along the way. Nobody is going to change his mind...Bruns is his boy!
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    It's trashy for a grown man to call a college kid trash.

    Thanks, J-Bo, for donating the proceeds to the children's hospital.
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    Exactly... One could interject political opinions instead of sports trash talking and the same applies. It's one thing to acknowledge that others have different opinions it's another to say it's one way or the highway.

    It's a mountain out of a molehill thankfully. Times have changed. Even while Barry Sanders was handing the ball to the ref after every score he had. ( He had a lot of them) We had Emmitt Smith taking his helmet off going crazy after he scored. A lot of folks were split on those two guys just based off of how they conducted themselves on the field. This isn't new territory. I don't see the problem in one preferring one way over the other. Neither is 'wrong' To me it's like judging someone off of what kind of beer they drink.
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    Plus all this is about is behavior after the game. I mean it isn't like he did this in front of a full house. The place was empty except media and the like. He wasn't showing anyone up, he wasn't flipping the bird to ISU fans.
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    Yeah if you want to get into the what's worse realm seeing those ISU students flipping Iowa players/fans and the TV cameras off is a terrible look. But that's fans not players. I don't have a prob with what JBo did. We know where he comes from with what he does. JBo and the ISU kid are tweeting back and forth with each other in a good natured way about it all. Their having fun with it. Intent should matter. Context should matter... So many don't take those into account at all...
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    This actually has nothing to do with Bohannon. Bruns knows ISU players have trash-talked and trolled fans in the past. Bohannon just gave him a convenient target to aim for. What this is really about is the fact that Iowa has dominated all the other meaningful sports in this rivalry and it is getting under Bruns' skin, like alot of other ISU fans who despise Iowa. Wrestling has just been laughable, football has somewhat evened in the last 15 years though Iowa has gotten a grip on that sport of late. Mens basketball is the one sport ISU knows it has been able to stay competitive with Iowa in, in fact dominate Iowa during some periods of time. Hoiberg gave their fans illusions of dominance over Iowa and the Big 12 for many years until he left for the NBA. Now Iowa has won 3 of 4 in the series and if not for a miracle comeback in 2015 it would be 4 of 5. It has to be a huge burr in their crotch.
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    Brief Summary of Thread: Would you rather be right, or would you rather be happy?
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    No offense to Ben, but he's a f*&^ing idiot.
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    I was watching a game the other day and DVR'd it, seems like the over-celebratory thing you guys have been mentioning
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    The place was empty except for Hawk fans with 1 minute left in the game. One could see all the empty seats that were once filled watching the game on TV.
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    It looks fairly mild to me. A lot of clown fans beating their chest.
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    At least it's the same 5 dips#its that everyone hates on here arguing that it's good sportsmanship. Lol. Paint it as fun all you want. It's sad that the post game antics are what matters. When JBo is 50.....he wont be proud of his actions.
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    He won't be proud of donating + $ 20,000.00 to UIHC? Yea, what an asshole.
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    You're not gonna be able to see out of that hole if you don't stop digging.
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    Threat? Lol promise?
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    As I said in a previous post, it's a nice move after the fact. Good move. Bet it wasnt his idea. Spin it positive said the angry powers that be....
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    Since the ISU 5 game streak, Iowa is 12-5 in the last 17 years in Football. (Hardly even.) Basketball since 2000 is 11-10, ISU. Not dominance there either.