Clone reporter calls JBO “trash”

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Scott Leclair, Dec 13, 2019.

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    I'm almost 50 and don't have a single issue with what he did, and wouldn't have cared if Morris would have done the same thing at Carver. Pretty sure he sleeps better at night than you who seem to get easily "outraged".
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    Morris was always shooting off his mouth like a playground star. JBo is quieter and usually just speaks with his on court play. Morris and Niang were punks. ISU has had their share of them. You didn't hear Bruns calling them names because he's a total ISU homer.
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    Of course he's a homer. He's the Cyclones radio team, not a reporter. JBo talks more trash twitter and other places than any Cyclone other than Niang. Connor talks as much trash as any Cyclone player.
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    That's probably a good thing. Wasn't he interacting with fans in an aggressive manner when he was in high school? I can't imagine being off of it would be a bad thing for him or any player really.
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    I've also heard that Margaret didn't handle herself very well in the stands. I mean, she didn't go all Jamie Pollard or anything.. ;) but she was pretty vocal.
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    upload_2019-12-17_14-54-30.jpeg What's wrong with trash? Some have made a living out of it.
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