Clowns on offense did a lot of pushing off and zero calls

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by uihawk82, Dec 14, 2013.

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    Wrong, pointing out Iowa's team as being inferior is not trolling. Honesty is a ***** to face.
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    Good Post and a magnificent word on display....

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    Yes those dirty Cyclone players were so mean to us and to make it worse those stinky refs let them get away with it. The only reason the refs called fouls on them late in the game is because they knew we would miss the free throws.

    BILLBUCKNER Well-Known Member

    What about their center Nadim or whatever his name is.. Total Shaq moves..He backs his man off by shove shove of his butt to clear space. I was impressed with his shooting though. It seemed everything he put up went in. Give him credit for that,but he should have fouled out of the game with 10 minutes to go. We have watched games were Woody and McCabe breath on a guy and foul out well before the end of games. It always amazes me how certain players can get away with physical Play(fouling the hell out of everyone)
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    If you weren't an idiot, you could have made a humorous post out of this; but you are an idiot, and you buried the punchline.
  6. metahawk

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    Aaron White just dunked on you guys again.
  7. Campbell

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    Too bad he didn't do it two more times.
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    You select few of you are making the fan base look like a bunch of whiny babies. Let it go.
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    Yes! Yes! Yes! and Yes!
    College BB is getting really difficult to watch anymore.
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    You are seriously asking for a foul call on the opening tip? Boy that will really be great for scoring if we start doling out personal fouls before the game starts.
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    I didn't realize Santa worked the scorer's table in the off-season.
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    So players should be allowed to foul since it's at the start of the game? Hahahahahaha smart group of people on this board.
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    Totally agree, officiating has really gone downhill which is one of the two reasons I dont like the NBA.

    At least now in the NBA we know there were a couple crooked refs not saying crooked refs in college ball but just bad refs.

    The other reason I dont watch the NBA is all the traveling, moving screens, but mostly the offense is 0-1 passes per possession and heave a 25 footer.
  15. eyekwah

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    Dan Dakish was the color guy for the AZ vs MI game on Saturday. His comments, Iowa more talented than ISU. Nothing for Iowa to hang there heads about. Lots of teams go into Ames and lose. My question is: In three months will this be a bad or good loss? Sometimes those early season games are no indicator of how a team ends up.

    Iowa just needs to put the ISU game out of the way and focus on an upper division finish in the conference.
  16. metahawk

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    Barring any ISU key player injuries, this won't be a bad loss. Especially considering the weaker conference they are in. Except for maybe Oklahoma State, and Kansas if they every grow up, teh clowns can probably hold their own at home, and snag a few on the road at least.
  17. Stanzi

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    The Cyclones didn't get the benefit of ANY calls. Iowa is lucky that about 15 more fouls weren't called on them. Every screen Woodbury set was a moving screen. Every time ISU drove the lane it should have been a foul on Iowa since our bigs just waved their arms around, and never made any attempts to block their shots. Even when we were set with our hands straight up and got charged into it was clearly a foul on Iowa. Oh, and we fouled them before the game even began, don't forget that either. Iowa is just lucky they didn't lose by 30. They're a bunch of untalented, unathletic, uncoordinated hacks, except for Marble, and they'll be lucky to win 8 games next season after Marble is gone. Fran can't recruit worth crap, Fred is bringing in top 10 recruiting classes every season, and the fan base is quickly shifting to ISU's favor. Don't even bother arguing these CLEAR FACTS with ISU fans as they will just destroy you with their infallible opinions, incredibly sound logic, and indisputable facts. Iowa was lucky just to share the court with them.
  18. Clowns

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    Elves gotta eat.
  19. tweeterhawk

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    Quite clearly white 22 Hogue should have been called for a reach-in foul on the opening tip. Would have hastened his accumulation of personal fouls and resulted in a key Clown starter spending more time on the bench. Hawks would have won if the officials had properly whistled this a foul.
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    What about Georges' ol' soccer mom pillow butt?? Juvenile would love him in his rap videos.

    Btw, how chilly was it in Hilton on Friday? Boy Niang had some diamond cutters...turn the heat up for the poor guy..