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  1. hawkdrummer1

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    The CR Gazette has a piece on the flights coaches take and who pays for them. It of course includes how mens' sports benefit more than womens', no surprise there (our friend Erin Buzz-kill-uvis is back).

    A hidden nugget were KFz flights to Hubbard, IA in the summer of 2016 and 2017. Leaves little doubt how we ended up with our current punter.
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  2. mrolympia

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    Erin Buzzfeed-uvis would also have been acceptable
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  3. Stanzi

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    From the article: "In 2017, UI football generated 84 percent of overall ticket sale revenue for the Athletics Department and men’s basketball contributed another 12 percent, according to a 2017 NCAA report."

    So, 96 percent of ticket sale revenue was from those two sports, but the author thinks it's unfair those programs get more charter flights. Really? Those two sports are by far the biggest revenue drivers at any D1 school. Of course they're going to get more benefits.
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  4. kicker22

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    I have no issues with women having equal opportunities to play collegiately. The moment women's sports generate the revenue that men's sports do, is the moment that I'll agree that they should receive equal accommodations and receive equal "benefits". Until things get to that point I simply don't believe that they should be entitled to anything in terms of such "benefits". The revenue brought forth by football and basketball provide them the opportunity to continue playing the sport they love at the collegiate level, rather than complaining about charter flights the author should be greatful they have the opportunities they do in the first place.
  5. hawkdrummer1

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    Equality of opportunity is far too often twisted into equality of outcome. I'm all for #1. #2...not so much.
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  6. Hawkfnntn

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    It's not fair that women who aren't as good as men get the same full ride college schollies that men do too.. Why is everything in our country about capitalism besides colleges? In real life jobs aren't handed out boy girl boy girl. Decisions are made by who's better for the job. If private folks with jets to donate out want to pick and choose to who and when they do it so be it.
    They'd be better served to bitch to their own ADs about how the schools with all the $ they have aren't using their own dang planes more however they want them to be used... Now we are getting mad at private companies and citizens about how they DONATE their planes when they could be using them for themselves... Yeah no these women need to get a grasp on how the world works
  7. Jonrn

    Jonrn Well-Known Member

    This is fascinating, although I’d like to know who Larry “money bags” clement is? And for that matter Jason and Duane smith. Those guys have some deep pockets.
  8. SidFarkas

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    Equality only by a means of using other people’s money.
    Sounds sort of Marxist.

    Lisa’s only comment should have been, “We appreciate the Hawkeye football team, and all they provide for us.”
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  9. Fryowa

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    I’m not normally a conspiracy theorist, but no one will ever convince me that Bruce didn't pay Kirk an ass load of money. The fact that he didn’t get cut after being the statistical, categorical worst at his position in all of D-1, but stayed the starter is all the proof anyone needs.

    The check to the hospital had Kirk’s name on it, but uncle Bruce picked up that tab and then some.
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  10. revkev73

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    There should be an additional 70% (or higher) surcharge on anyone who buys tickets (boxes) to Iowa men's sporting events. This money would be used to pay fans (or non fans) to attend women's sporting events until there is equality in attendance.

    Part of the funds would be used to create a new "fairness agency" on each campus. They would need to fly around the world to meet with others who work in other "fairness agencies" around the country. They would perhaps meet in Davos, Switzerland, somewhere far enough from the U.S. so that ample frequent flier miles could be accumulated to help pay for vacations for their families.

    A new "Fairness Union" would be created to make sure things are fair for fairness workers.

    These agencies and the 70% or higher surcharge would expand as needed. They will never be eliminated because there will always be "unfairness."
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  11. Hawk90

    Hawk90 Well-Known Member

    Yeah and we need to pay a couple of "gender diversity directors" a couple hundred thousand to make sure this happens.
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  12. Hawkfnntn

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    Amen!! She's getting paid how much? Over 6 figures to coach womens basketball that nobody watches or cares about. I mean seriously what does their program generate revenue wise? I'll lick your boots if they even make enough to cover their expenses.

    Check this out. Even UConns womans hoops team don't make a profit... Granted their whole athletic department must be ran by morons but if that womans hoops team can't self substantiate then....

    Bobby Diacco got paid 5 million to not coach for them this year as a part of their budget too
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  13. Xerxes

    Xerxes Well-Known Member

    Yep. Lisa needs to understand that college sports at a B1G level is a business. Her department is losing money every year yet she has a 6 figure salary.

    Its really too bad that Kirk and Fran can't respond to this nonsense. If they did, it would cost them their jobs.
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  14. Hawk90

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    Hey, wait maybe this is what finally what gets Barta fired.
  15. mrolympia

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    the article reeks of ideological gender politics anyway, aka it's a bunch of made up garbage to support a narrative while ignoring the facts like 96% of ticket revenue generated by two sports. Activists don't let facts get in the way of a good story about 'feewings'.
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  16. ModebaSan

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    Fact: Women take more family leave and work less overtime hours than men.
    Fact: Because of fears of being charged with sexual harassment, there are 7 million less men every year staying in the work force.
    Fact: More 20 and 30 something men are choosing not to get married because of the 50% divorce rate and the fact they have seen older men having to pay child support and alimony.

    Women want their cake and eat it too.
    I’m all for equal pay and benefits for women, just let me know when they start working in the coal mines, building skyscrapers, and many more of the dangerous jobs that men do. When their on-the job loss of life numbers increase then pay them the same.
  17. HawksMN

    HawksMN Well-Known Member

    Agree already enough of this bullshit at schools already.
  18. Hawkfnntn

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    This is me. You won't catch me getting hitched or having kids. Call me selfish but that crap ruins lives. I'm sure we all know of guys it's happened to. Never understood those that get married 2-3 plus times and having kids that grow up in such non conventional homes. To consciously do that just seems borderline criminal to me and not fair to the kid(s)
    You speak too much logic and common sense for this board though tone it down ;)
  19. hawkdrummer1

    hawkdrummer1 Well-Known Member

    The "women are paid 79 cents on the dollar compared to men" line we often hear is complete B.S. Nearly all of the difference is explained by different career choices, college degree paths and personal choices around career advancement. The remaining diff of 3-5 % is largely explained by the family leave and pregnancy factor. Makes a great political platform though. Step one: establish victimhood
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  20. Hawknigh

    Hawknigh Well-Known Member

    Ironic that this whole discussion revolves around categories of "men and women," even though the definition of those categories is also being questioned.